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The Remington Espresso Humidor

Well, it’s finally that time… You’ve outgrown your tabletop humidors, and your tupperdors are overfilled. But I don’t want to add another humidor to this mess or do I? 20 + years ago, I started like everyone else with a small 25-count tabletop humidor gifted to me when I was 18. Soon thereafter, I learned that you couldn’t prepare for the number of cigars you will accumulate in this new lifestyle. I went from tabletops to coolers to temperature-control units until I finally settled on a temperature and humidity-controlled cabinet. When purchasing a large cabinet, you will have to consider several things. Do you have real estate in your home or office for such a large piece of furniture? Do you have a power source? Do you have enough cigars to fill the cabinet, and do you have the funds? Once you have answered these questions, you will have to keep one final thing in mind: size will dictate the count when purchasing any humidor style. Meaning how many cigars will fit. For example, if you’re purchasing a 200ct humidor, generally, it’ll hold 200 Robusto-sized cigars. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have various sizes and shapes all over the place.

Several months ago, I purchased such a cabinet. The REMINGTON Espresso, 2000ct humidor from a company out of Florida called 1st Class Humidors. The process was relatively easy, but that is for another review. I first prepped the area where I was going to set up the device, and once it arrived, I followed the instructions and allowed the fluids in the compressor to settle for 8-10 hours before plugging it in and allowing it to run. The fluids tend to shift during transport. While it settled, I inspected the shelves and humidification components. The unit was a deep, rich brown, and the Spanish cedar shelves produced a luscious aroma. Once satisfied, I filled the reservoir and added oasis beads to the top shelf, shut the door, and seasoned for a month. Wait??? An entire month??? Yes, although this isn’t necessary, that was my process, especially since I planned on leaving the door open for an extended time while I stocked the unit.

The unit is now stocked, and I added Wi-Fi-enabled hydrometers to each shelf. The unfortunate part of such a large humidor is humidity control and airflow. This humidor comes with an active humidification system with a medium-sized fan, which takes up half of one of the lower shelves. You will notice vast humidity changes between shelves. To combat these issues, you will need to add additional fans and humidification to the upper shelves. The door has a great seal and LED lights to light the inside of the humidor. Don’t have the lights on when you open the door; however, at that point, they become useless. The system controls on the front are easy to read and operate.

It's been 4 months since I purchased this humidor, and I’ve learned many a great thing. As noted before, I did add more fans and Boveda packs to the upper shelves. If the unit is overstocked, this will compound the humidity and airflow issues. This unit has a compressor instead of a fan motor like older units, so if you don’t keep an eye on the humidity, the cigar can dry out. After all of this, I still made a rookie mistake…. I still need a bigger humidor!!

I recommend this unit to the serious enthusiast/connoisseur, and these minor modifications will keep all your precious cigars in perfect condition.

Here are the specs for the nerds out there like me!

Holds Up To 2000 Cigars Rich Espresso Finish Push Button Electronic Control Panel View Temperature & Humidity Levels Through Digital Display Adjustable Climate & Humidity Settings High Capacity Remington 2000 Cigar Cooling & Heating System Temperature Adjustable From 41F-71F Humidity Adjustable From 56%-78% Toggle Between Celcius Or Fahrenheit De-Mist Feature Keeps Glass Free of Condensation Embossed Wood & Side Panels Crown Molding Accents Full Length Tinted Tempered Glass Door Heavy Duty Seal 6 Cedar Lined Drawer Style Shelves On Metal Slides 3 Adjustable Dividers Per Shelf Features Flat & Angled Storage 1 Removable Cedar Tray at Bottom White LED Interior Lighting Illuminates all Shelves Built-In Electronic Humidification System with Auxiliary Fan Removable Water Reservoir Solid Hardwood Construction Lock And Key Set Operates on 110/120 volts 26" W x 26" D x 74-1/2" H

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