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Review: Humi-Smart Travel Humidor

(AD COPY)HUMI-SMART TRAVEL HUMIDOR Our low profile, crush proof, waterproof, and airtight case will protect your most precious cigars. Holds up to 7 – 50 ring gauge cigars. Two latches ensure your case does not accidentally open, and ensuring if it falls in the water it will float. The low profile design makes it easy to carry in your bag right next to your favorite book.


Brand: Humi-Smart

Product: Travel Humidor

Length: 9.5 inches

Width: 7 inches

Height: 2 inches

Crush Proof: Yes

Water Proof: Yes

Airtight: Yes

Float: Yes

Closure: Duel Latch

Capacity: 7, 50 gauge cigars

Price: $29.95

First Impression:

This travel humidor was very impression on arrival. It felt extremely solid. It is sleek. It also has a ton of room considering its size. Overall, I was very excited to receive it and hoped it would stand up to the conditions it was purchased for.


This was used as part of my everyday carry. I always have a bag with me. It is either a GoRuck GR1 or a Chrome Industries sling bag. I am happy to report that this fit in both bags with ease. No surprise with the GR1 since it is a larger military style backpack. Where this was very impressive was fitting into the sleek sling bag with room to spare due to its slim profile. This went everywhere. Multiple jobs, the lake, hiking, and everything in between. It looks great, feel solid, and stood up to all the abuse that was thrown at it. The outer shell is very durable and seems to have some great scratch resistant. I can also confirm that it does float and is truly airtight.


As stated, this is where this travel box really shined. It took some unintentional bumps and bruises along with several intentional. It shined through with minimal damage to the outside of the case. The duel latch system snaps the case shut and is very durable. Judging by the Humi-Smart humidity pack and indicator card inside I can also confirm that through the abuse the airtight seal did its job. I did stand on the box more than once to make sure it did not break and remained crush proof which it did. Finally, I did submerge it in water a few different times in different conditions and not a drop of water got inside.

Final Thoughts:

All I can say is wow. A high quality product at a more than fair price. This box will serve you will no matter where you take it and what you are doing. This is now my go-to, everyday carry travel humidor. No seasoning needed. Firm foam insert with plenty of room for cigars and accessories. I can not recommend this one enough.

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