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Review: Trilogy Collection Humidor by El Septimo

We are back at it again with another luxury offering from El Septimo. This is not just a brand, it is most definitely a lifestyle. The cigars are on another level which most of you know. This humidor though.... The craftmanship, accents, even the cedar are nothing but the best. It is a conversation starter.


Brand: El Septimo

Item: Humidor

Collection: Trilogy

Exterior: Emerald

Count: 50

Interior: Spanish Cedar

Hygrometer: In Lid

Humidification: In Lid

Legs: Golden

Price: $399.00

First Impression:

There is one thing that I greatly enjoy when it comes to a product. That is packaging. I have said it once and I will say it again. A great product can lose a lot with poor packing. A sleek black box embossed with the gold El Septimo logo is how I received this item. It was packed well so your new luxury humidor would not endure any damage. Once you get to the actual item it is breathtaking.


This humidor feels very solid. There is nothing flimsy or second rate here. No stone unturned. This is the highest quality humidor that I have ever had in my possession and I have owned several.


My general rule is to season a humidor for 14 days. I know that there are many methods people use to do this, but I chose the long winded version. O am happy to report that on arrival this was pre seasoned and ready to go. After putting cigars in it the numbers are perfect. Humidity ranges between 68 and 71. The temperature sits at 70 all the time. I would imagine that the process would be very easy without any hang ups.


Golden feet with an emerald coloring to the box. Once opened a golden hygrometer can be found on the lid along with a humidification system. This just looks luxurious. The beautiful part is that it truly is.


This follows the old saying you get what you pay for. Is this a higher ticket humidor? Absolutely!! If you are a fan of the Dark Ruby Fabuloso cigar then you see the point I am getting to. A cigar that is made to perfection that holds a price tag to reflect just that. This humidor is no exception. This humidor is also a 1 of 1. This was the only one produced to date so to me it is worth much more than the price being charged.


While I personally own the Emerald version. See the photos below for different options. Maybe a different color catches your eye.

Final Thoughts:

Everyone has their vices. Mine happen to be in the cigar world. I am willing to pay the price for something that is special to me. Limited edition items are always a beautiful thing. I enjoy having herf sessions at my house and it never fails to draw attention or questions. I am aware that there are different versions of this humidor (if green is not your color) that can be purchased. Humidors all serve the same purpose, but a select few give you a little bit extra. The look, style, and luxury feeling. This particular humidor exceeded my expectations in every area. I have come to expect nothing but the best from El Septimo at this point which makes me over critical of everything they produce. I can recommend this product without hesitation. You will not be disappointed if you get one.

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