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Review: Select Draw Leather Travel Case

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Since the widely popular release of the Select Draw Cigar Cutter you had to know that they would release another top notch product. The Select Draw Leather Travel Case is it. In conjunction with Project Carbon Inc this luxury case was born. I am a huge fan of travel accessories and this falls right into place. There are a few things noted about this particular case that greatly appreciated.


Brand: Select Draw

Type: Travel Cigar Case

Material: Leather

Dimensions: 9" X 5.5" X 2.15

Weight: 12 ounces

Capacity: 5-7 Cigars Up To 7 Inches Long

Storage: Three leather accessory pockets

Unique Storage: Sleeve for the Select Draw Cutter

Price: $245

Discounts: 10% For Emergency Services and Military

First Impression:

Once you receive you travel case definitely enjoy the moments opening it. The first thing you will notice is that fresh leather smell. That has to be appreciated. This thing feels like luxury in your hand. It is a very solid product. The zipper works effortlessly which is a small and sometimes over looked detail. The inside compartments are great. They have a stiffness to them that will reassure you that your items will be safe. It also has a softness to it that does not make it difficult to use in anyway. Basically it is perfect.


As you know form other reviews I like to test drive products hard. I use them everyday and put it through my tough schedule between work and play. This was no exception. It has been to work with me and used for everyday travel. It also took some outdoor trips with fishing and hiking included. While it did get dropped and take a few spills the leather still looked great with minimal markings. The markings that I did see were able to be buffed out without a problem. While this is definitely suitable for everyday carry I would not drag it through the mud and submerge it in water. It is not made for that. It is a luxury solution to having a portable cigar bag. I also checked the contents throughout the day. Everything stayed safe and secured. Nothing rattled loose inside the case and the cigars stayed perfect.


I will say that for a top notch quality leather product it held up well. It is not meant to be beaten up and thrown around outside. With that being said this did take some spills as I stated before. Some were purely accidental while others could have been on purpose. You have to test these things when you review an item. Overall this has the right amount of durability to handle most tasks. It is not a hard case, waterproof, or bomb proof. Should you be looking for something like that this may not be the case for you. If you are looking for a beautiful everyday carry travel case that can handle normal everyday life then this is the one for you.

My Set-up:

Select Draw Cutter in top elastic sleeve. Colibri Quasar punch in center slot. NUB duel torch lighter in right pocket. Cigar Medics Humidimeter and Les Fines Lames Cigar stand in the left pocket. I also keep my Les Fines Lames cigar knife inside in its leather sheath. I do store my cigars in a Boveda bag since I used this long term and wanted to keep them fresh.

Final Thoughts:

This may not be for the newer cigar smoker, but I would say it would be a great start. For the group of us that love and live the cigar life we like nice things. Most of us carry a travel case all time time. I own several. For me, I like sitting down and opening a luxury item to prepare my smoke. Besides people taking notice and asking about it, you get almost a super hero like feel. It is always a good thing to have the nicest items in the room. Is the $245 price tag steep for a travel accessory? I don;t think so at all. There are several leather travel cases that go well past that price. The bonus here is this item matches them in every aspect. Looking at this as a whole picture you are getting more for less. I can put my stamp of approval on this item. If your budget allows and you don;t need something that can be beaten to death definitely give this a look.

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