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Review: Select Draw Cigar Cutter

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

It is not very often that you have the chance to reinvent the wheel. That goes for most things including cigar cutters. A great smoke starts with a clean cut or punch. This is fact. Select Draw has done just that. Launching in late 2018 the idea of a spike style cutter became a reality. There are several cutters and punches on the market. Straight cutters, V-cutters, punch cutters, shuriken cutters, scissors, and biting are all time tested methods in preparing your favorite stick for an amazing smoke.

Select Draw has created a new cutter which is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. After use it is a great conversation piece that screams elegant. I had the chance to use this cutter and here are my thoughts.First, this cutter has proven to optimize flavor, smoothness, and intensity of the cigar. It also adds the luxury of adjusting each of those qualities.


Body Material: 770 aircraft grade aluminum

Spike Material: steel

Weight:3 ounces

Dimensions: 3 1/2 inches x 1 3/4 inches

Colors: polished sliver finish (The Original) or glossy black finish (The Obsidian)

Price: $38.99

Packaging: Draw string velvet bag

Unboxing Thoughts:

You can tell a lot about a product during the unboxing. If there is care put into the package, container, or any other visible part on arrival it is very possible they put that care into the product. The velvet draw string bag is sleek. It has a good feeling to it. Once you open that bag your item awaits you. This cutter is elegant, sleek, and looks extremely high class. It reminds me of a bishop from a millionaires chess set. The entire package and product on first sight is amazing. You will smile before you even get into the workings of it.

How does it work? On first site it may appear a bit odd, but I assure you it is a very easy process. There are a few simple steps on the way to a perfect puff. Step 1: Unscrew the cap

Step 2: Hold the knob of the Select Draw in one hand and your cigar in the other.

Step 3: Line up the three steel spikes with the cap of the cigar.

Step 4: Push the spikes into the cap slowly covering roughly half of the spikes

Step 5: Remove the spikes

Step 6: Add the desired amount of holes to get your ideal draw.

Your perfect draw awaits you. Select Draw has also made it very clear that you are able to use this cutter in various other places if needed. I have tried making holes around the outside of the cigar vertically right below the cap when I find more airflow is needed. The possibilities are endless.

Below you will find four different hole configurations that I found to be the best for me using different cigars. The beauty of this tool is you can try different configurations for the same cigar with each giving you a different smoking experience.

My usage experience:

Cigar: CAO Nicaragua

Perfect smoke: 9 holes in the cap and 6 horizontal holes around the cap

Cigar: Drew Estate Factory Smoke Sun Grown

Perfect smoke: 7 holes in the cap and 9 horizontal holes around the cap

Cigar: Alec Bradley Puck

Perfect smoke: 12 holes in the cap with no holes around the cap

Cigar: CAO Flathead 660

Perfect smoke: 15 holes in the cap with 6 vertical holes below the cap

*While the instructions for use say that you should push the spikes roughly half way in before removal I did take deviate form that. My first punch with the tool I push the spikes almost completely into the cigar. Be warned if you take that approach you have to go very even and slow so the cap does not come apart. All punches following I removed the spikes after being pushed halfway in.

Possible upgrades:

I always like to try and see what could make something better in the future. Nothing is perfect but the Select Draw cutter is close. One addition that I think would be a great addition would be an upgrade to the knob. Add another screw cap to the top. Underneath have a single spike roughly three times the thickness of the spikes on the other side. That extra size could come in handy with the heavy ringed cigars. This would be a nice addition which is not an necessary upgrade but a bonus one. The device currently can handle the task.

Final Thoughts:

I will have to say the first time I seen this product it appeared odd to me. With all the time tested standard methods before it I was not completely sold on a new method. I decided to finally take the plunge and give it a shot. In my opinion this is an absolute must have for the novice or expert cigar smoker. A sub $40 cutter that looks, feels, and operates at a luxury level. Will this replace your current methods of preparing a cigar? That would be totally up to you. For me this will now be my go to while other methods will get placed on the back burner. It was a breath of fresh air to me as the wheel was reinvented. Another thing that I did notice which has nothing to do with the operation of the device is what happens when you take it out to use it. Non cigar smokers almost immediately ask what it is while fellow cigar smokers are eager to find out more. My final suggestion would be to purchase two of them since most will likely want to give it a try.

You can get your hand on one of these by visiting the Select Draw website at

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