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Review: Pelican Ruck Case R60 Travel Humidor

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I am back at it again testing another travel humidor. I think I have an obsession with this while searching for my holy grail. It is due to the fact that this thing goes with me everywhere. It takes an unintentional beating indoor and outdoor. Its not just about the cigar storage. It has to hold all my accessories as well. It has to maintain humidity and be able to take abuse and keep everything in order. Could I have found my ultimate travel companion? Keep reading and lets find out.


Brand: Pelican

Version: R60 Ruck Case

Outer Shell: Abrasion and impact proof ABS with rubberized exo-skeleton

Closure: Dual Pivot Latch

Extras: Flexible Lid Organizer, Molle Style Loop System With Velcro Straps, rigid divider Protection Rating: IP68 rated protection from water, dirt, snow, and dust

Pressure Valve: Built in to keep water and dust out while balancing air pressure

Weight: 2.34 lbs

Exterior Dimensions: 11.14 x 6.86 x 3.88 in

Interior Dimensions: 8.9 x 5.37 x 2.96 in

Interior: Rubber

Waterproof: Depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes

Buoyancy: 4.75 lbs

Attachment Points: Multiple External

Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee

Price: $64.99

First Impression:

I am not new to Pelican cases at all. I have used them int he past for several different things. A travel humidor was not one of them. I know the quality int he product and it has done me well in the past. I was ready for it to do what it was suppose to do. I was a little hesitant to use it as a humidor, but hopeful it would be a major success.

My Set-Up:

In the flexible lid organizer I placed a 72% Boveda pack (60 grams). I then calibrated and attached a Boveda Butler in the same place. There are several places that this could go, but this is what I chose. I did switch the Butler to on the tray to see if the reading was significantly different which it was not. It all comes down to preference, but I am confident anywhere you pick should do just fine. I let it sit for 48 hours to make sure the humidity was reading what I wanted. This is a no seasoning travel case, but it is worth the 48 hours to protect my precious cigars. After everything was in place and reading right I began to fill the bottom section under the tray. The amount of cigars you can fit will vary. I was able to get various sized cigars in there with a few NUBs without a problem. I replaced the tray and used the Velcro loops to secure my lighter and other cigar accessories. You can also put smaller sized cigars on the upper tray if needed, but I prefer to carry all the tools of the trade there.


This thing is tough, but we already knew that. I put it through the ringer as always. It went from home, to work, to fishing, back to home. It was tossed in the car, on my desk, or in a backpack. It took everything I threw at it with zero issue. I also submerged it in water to test if the rating was accurate. It was roughly 2 meters down for just shy of an hour. There was no water inside or on the seals. I did not test it in the snow since it is summer but I expect it to pass with flying colors as well.

Final Thoughts:

Honestly, this is the way to go for travel humidors. It doesn't have the flair and luxury of leather or carbon fiber, but it does excel in the rugged department. If you are looking for a no nonsense sure fire way to keep your cigars with you and fresh this is the way to go. If you are interested in taking this route head over to our friends at Ammdors. They can get a fully set-up case ready to go. You can visit their site at

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