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Review: Nub Jetline Prestige Double Torch Lighter

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The Ad Copy:

Fans of the compact, chunky shape of Nub cigars can add a perfect lighter to their collection with a Nub Jetline Prestige Double Torch. A crisp and cool alpine white finish shows off the contemporary Nub logo with unmistakable appeal. Hit the ignition at the top with your thumb to release a pair of red-hot jets calibrated to deliver a precision flame that burns evenly and is guaranteed to light your next cigar with perfection. A built-in punch cutter flips out from the bottom and a convenient see-through fuel gauge makes it easy to tell when the butane needs to be topped off.


Brand: Jetline

Torch: Double

Color: White

Branding: NUB

Extras: Built In Punch Cutter

Fuel Gauge: See Through

Fuel Type: Butane

Price: $29.99

First Impression:

I am a bit bias towards NUB products. I favor their cigars so anything with their branding already has a few extra points. With that being said, this lighter is compact with good weight to it. It is very sturdy and lights every time.


When reviewing anything you have to make it your go-to item. That is exactly what I did here. This got daily use for extended days. I have to say that it was very reliable. Wind, heat, cold, low fuel? That is not a problem. When ti comes to lighters if they work they work. It then comes down to preference and style. This lighter looks great with my NUB travel humidor filled with NUB cigars. While I am a consistent user of the Select Draw Cigar Cutter I did stop using it to test the cutter built into the lighter. It makes clean punch cuts, but is a little more difficult to use compared to a regular punch. Even with that little hang up the cutter itself is more than usable.

Final Thoughts:

I know it's just a lighter. While it is a very common item you have to love it as much as your love your cigars. I did initially purchase this because it was NUB branded I am very pleased I did. Even with the lower price tag it is more reliable than the Colibri lighter I own. It also cost much more. If your in the market for a new lighter to try, this is the one.

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