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Review: LE PETIT - Caramel Micarta Cigar Cutter

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

I finally took the plunge to purchase Le Petit by Les Fines Lames. It definitely had crossed my mind several time, but I had to decide if the price tag would be worth it. Below you will find my review of the product. Just know before you continue I am very happy that I made the purchase and would do it again. Functionality and quality meet simplicity in an item I can only describe as art. Should you find yourself wanting to acquire one of these gems head over to the Las Fines Lamas official website to see all of their products. There website is:

The Ad Copy:

Meet LE PETIT by LES FINES LAMES, the ultimate aficionado pocket knife. A sleek yet bold, pocket sized, multi purpose friction folder knife that you can also use to cut your cigars - we're reinventing the everyday cigar accessory.


Type: Friction Folding Knife

Made In: France

Blade Material: 14C28N Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Micarta

Weight: 60g (2.11 oz)

Hole Diameter: 23mm (7/8")

Blade Length: 65 mm (2.55")

Blade Thickness: 2 mm (1/16")

Closed Length: 115 mm (4.52")

Overall Length: 157 mm (6.18")

Cigar Slot: 23mm, big enough to cut a 58 ring gauge cigar in half. Depending on the amount of the cap you are cutting it can handle up to a 70 gauge ring size cigar.

Micarta - The everlasting - This composite material is a high pressure laminate of canvas into resin. Virtually impossible to destroy, this is the kind of item sure to last a lifetime.


A lot of love and care went into the construction of this tool. It feels very solid in the hand. There is no hang up while opening or closing due to the quality parts put into this gem. An ultra sharp stainless steel blade has a no hassle one hand operation. The blade has a lever extending off of the blade for operation. This is a typical feature of a Piedmont Folding Knife.


It functions as a typical pocket knife.....but better. This blade is sharp. High quality steel that gets the job done.

Here is a video of the cutter in action. Also note this is not the knife I purchased, but the operation would be the same:

Hands On Usage:

LE PETIT by LES FINES LAMES is very easy to operate and provides the cleanest of cuts you can imagine. It is also simple to open with one hand which feels very cool even though it is not necessary. Something about this cutter gives you a very commanding feel. Maybe its the sturdiness or the beauty of it. Many people in your cigar circle will know exactly what you have even if they do not have one themselves. I went through and cut several cigars with this all of diffident sizes, brands, quality, and price range. The cutter did not miss a beat.


- Comfortable in the hand. It just seems to feel right.

- Sleek and elegant. This speaks for itself.

- Very well made. Time, planning, and quality went into this product and it shows.

- Multi functional. Cigar cutter and pocket knife rolled into one. It does both jobs extremely well.

- Everyday carry sized. This can definitely be a put in the pocket as an everyday carry item. I choose to use mine for cigar cutting only, but I did test it with some everyday situations and it worked out very well.

- Precision and clean cigar cutting. I have to say that the cut on the cigar is very clean. More than I expected. I think this is due to the quality stainless steel and sharpness of the blade.

- Blade can be replaced with different designs or plain. If you head over to the Les Fines Lames website you are able to purchase replacement blades in either plain steel or with designs. Not that this is overly important, but I think the option to do so is great.

- Can purchase a luxury leather carry sheath. If your like me when you buy something nice you want everything to go with it. The sheath was a no brainier. Stayed tuned as a review of that will be posted in the near future.


- Cutting 70 gauge ring and above is difficult. This personally does not bother me, but may be a hassle to some.

- Price is slightly high. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and this is no exception. Another thing on the list of possible cons that I did not have any issue with but

some may.

- No pocket clip. Due to the the product being so nice I would not have it sticking out of my pocket via a clip. Some may want the option, but I do not. I prefer to carry this in the optional leather sheath.

Final Thoughts:

As I stated I had a lot of back and fourth in my head about purchasing this cutter. The price tag could put some people off. There are several cutters out there that of North of $150 and a larger number that are less. This one falls right below $150. After receiving the product and getting some hands on time with it I no longer have any doubt. If this is in your price range and your looking for a luxury cutter fit for a king then look no further. Even with the few cons that I did find (which were not cons in my book anyway) I can see myself purchasing multiple cutters from Les Fines Lames. They would make a great display piece when not in use in your man cave or she shed. Purchase with confidence you will not be disappointed.

Side Note:

Please read the instructions that come with the cutter. There is a specific way to use it to get the cleanest of cuts.

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