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Review: El Septimo Gilgamesh Luxury Cigar Stand

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

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If you have been following the cigar world for even the shortest amount of time the name El Septimo should be in your mind. Premium cigars is the name of their game. The company expands into the next level with a line of luxury accessories to make your smoke sessions that much more beautiful.


Brand: El Septimo

Item: Cigar Stand

Collection: Gilgamesh

Material: Stainless Steel

Colors: Silver or Gold Plated

Origin: Italy

Laser Cutting: Italy

Laser Etched: Italy

Release Date: December 2020

Price for silver: $45

Price for gold: $50

First Impression:

At this point I do not have a first impression when it comes to anything form El Septimo. The reality is I expect perfection. Thus far, I have not been disappointed. From the first cigar I reviewed on I have become somewhat of a snob with this brand. It is an amazing thing to expect nothing but the best and receive it each and every time.


The construction on this stand is very solid, but not bulky. It feels very sturdy. Both versions are highly polished with precision etching and cutting on it. The hinge itself is also of the highest quality. there is no worry of it coming loose or breaking. From top to bottom this is the cigar stand made for a king who requires the best and nothing less.


The cigar stand is nothing new. El Septimo did not try and reinvent the wheel with this one. What they did do is make it a very nice wheel with all the extras. It is going form a steel rim to Ferrari rims if that puts it into perspective. I did like the clean etching that is on this stand. Precision was there and none of the letters look crooked or distorted. The laser cutting is also very clean. If you run your fingers over it the edges have been cleaned so it is not sharp. It is the little things that go unnoticed and make the difference. No stone unturned here.

Final Thoughts:

Another product and another must have item. We spend a ton of time and money on our cigars and keeping them fresh and ready to go. Why not go the extra mile and making your smoking experience luxury as well. I will skip the small talk and say this....when December comes around and these are available go buy one. You will not regret it.

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