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Review: El Septimo Black and Gold Double Jet Torch Lighter and Punch

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

When it comes to cigar lighters it is very difficult to stand out from the pack. From single jet to quad torch flames. Multi-purpose with cutters and punches. Plain design to luxury looks. These are a few of the things that can make or break your purchase of a lighter. The aesthetics are almost as important as the function. Welcome to the El Septimo Black and Gold Double Jet Torch Lighter and Punch.

The Ad Copy:

This black & gold double-jet torch flame lighter serves a dual purpose as a lighter and puncher all-in-one. The double-jet flame has a high pressure injection with an ultra-high temperature blue flame. The firepower is easily regulated using butane fuel, as the lighter even comes with a retro-ignition lighter flint to easily replace flint. The cigar punch at the bottom of the lighter offers a ring gauge of 25. Made of copper/zinc alloy and stainless steel, this lighter, which comes in a beautiful gift box with a cloth bag, makes the perfect gift or accessory to properly light-up your premium El Septimo Cigar!


Product: Lighter

Brand: El Septimo Model: Black and Gold double-jet

Flame: Duel butane flame

Fuel: Butane

Punch Size: 25 gauge

Punch Material: copper/zinc alloy

stainless steel

Price: $90.00

First Impression:

I was definitely being a fan boy with this lighter on first sight. I am a huge fan of the old school trench lighter / steampunk look and this hit all the fine points. The black and gold are beautiful and bright. It has a perfect weight to it. Not to heavy, but you know you have a solid item in your hand. Extra flints and a beautiful box sealed the deal with this one.


Nothing new here, but there were a few things I wanted to touch on. It is butane so filling is normal. You have to unscrew a circular section on the bottom to access the port to fill. There is a second disc you can unscrew as well which reveals a punch. The end of the top bar is where the flint exchange happens. The photo below will better explain it.

Final Thoughts:

Overall this is my new favorite lighter. Once full it lasts a very long time. It has an elegant and distinguished look, but is very durable. Once it is lit it will remain lit until you close the cap or it runs out of fuel. If you are like me and do not mind paying the extra for a taste of luxury then this is a must buy.

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