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Review: Dissim Inverted Lighter and Case Bundle

What fun would it be without new gadgets and tools? Dissim has come up with a new concept in the lighter category. A butane powered soft flame lighter with everyday carry in mind. They have also paired it with a very cool case to keep your lighter safe in all types of conditions.


Brand: Dissim

Item: Lighter and Case

Flame Type: Candle

Flame Temperature: Low

Grip: Circle

Fuel: Butane

Flame Port: Angled

Adjustable Flame: Yes

Special Features: Inverted Flame

Warranty: Lifetime

Case Material: Water Resistant

Zipper: Water Resistant

Case Hang Hole: Yes

Seam: Welded

Case Size: 5.25" x 3"

Bundle Price: $58.00

First Impression:

I was sold on this lighter based on the design and steps forward in innovation. It was something fresh and new. It is also very cool looking and at a bare minimum a conversation piece.


This lighter is very sturdy and feels great in the hands. Overall construction is very durable. Dissim used a high quality ignition to ensure your lighter works at all times. It comes with a generous fuel tank for extended use if needed. A patent circle grip is used to make sure lighting the lighter upright or inverted is equally as easy. An angle flame port also assists in inverted lighting. The cast metal body will serve you well for years to come. The lighter overall weighs 3 ounces and has a fuel capacity of 2g.



If you are going to store your lighter for an extended time without usage empty all fuel. This is the recommendation of Dissim to assure your lighter remains in working condition.


Ash, dust, and lint can collect a clog the lighters burner. This can cause malfunction. To clean or fix blow a burst of air into the burner to clear.

Lighter Care:

It is recommended that you light the lighter with the adjustment wheel set at the lowest setting. Once it is lit turn the adjustment wheel to increase the flame to the desired height.

Flame Level Adjustment:

Release pressure off the ignition switch to stop the flame and fuel flow. If flame continues, the flame level is set too high and should be adjusted to a lower setting via the wheel. Always be sure the flame is out after each use.


We are proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on your Dissim Lighter. We stand behind our product, so if anything is wrong with your lighter we will repair or replace it after shipping and handling costs. If Dissim is unable to repair your lighter they will replace it.


This fills as you would expect. There is a port on the side of the lighter that you insert your butane into. The fact that it is on the side makes the lighter very sturdy while filling. There is no worries of dropping it. There is also a fill window which is greatly appreciated so you always know how much fuel is left in your lighter. It also gives you the ability to fill it to a perfect level without guessing.


The case is made of a water resistant material and zipper. It has an integrated hole for hanging your lighter safely on your gear bag or in your pocket. It is also as functional for use as it is stylish.


I definitely gave this thing to work right form the start. This is a great everyday carry item without a doubt, but I wanted to see if it held up to a chronic cigar smoker. I used this lighter everyday. I was a bit skeptical about using it inverted for lighting cigars for some reason. I did test it in several different conditions. Inside and outside with normal and inverted flame. It also had the chance to perform in the wind, rain, heat, and cold weather. I am happy to report that it got the job done without fail. It also can be used as a pipe lighter with some adjustment to the flame height.

Final Thoughts:

I never thought I would see the day that a soft flame lighter made its way into my everyday rotation. Not only is this lighter great to have with you everyday, but it also does its part in lighting your precious cigars. I can highly recommend this accessory without question.

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