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Review: Condor Cigar Cutter By Red Horse Knife Works

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The Product in review is the Condor Cigar Cutter by Red Horse Knife Works. This is a company out of Chicago, Illinois that specializes in custom knives and edged weapons. The Condor Cigar Cutter is one of the best cutters on the market that I have had the privileged to use.

The body is made from titanium with a carbon fiber inlet and a German forged blade for the cutting edge. This product feels great in the hands and cuts the cigar perfectly, smoothly and ultra clean. This allows for perfect air flow which turns into a cool draw and does not overheat the ember. As we all know, that turns our precious cigar bitter.

This product is rated to handle up to a 58-gauge cigar, however it cannot handle torpedoes due to the stop in the rear of the cutter, which is a bottle opener by the way.

The MSRP for this cutter is $285 USD and it is worth every penny. You can check it out and purchase your own by visiting Red Horse Knife Works at the link below.

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