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Review: Burgundy Leather Sheath For Les Fines Lames Cigar Cutter

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The Ad Copy:

100% calf leather sheath for your LES FINES LAMES knife. Handmade in France. Made from the finest calf leather, this sheath will protect your LES FINES LAMES knife from any everyday harms. It's small size allows for a perfect fit in any of your pockets. 


Type: Leather Sheath

Made In: France

Height: 135mm

Length: 50mm

Case Material: Calf Leather

Leather Color: Burgundy

Weight: 25g


High grade calf skin leather with precision stitching. It is a work of art for your cigar cutter to live in.


Sleek and luxurious. You will be proud to carry this around.


Soft high grade leather feels great in the hands. The inside is soft and houses your cutter with the upmost respect.


Fits nicely in your pocket or accessory case. Completely protects your cigar cutter knife and protects it very well. It leaves just enough free to remove the cutter without issue. I have been carrying this on a regular basis. Either removing the cutter for use to or show it off to my cigar buddies. So far there is no wear marks to speak of even though it has had a rough ride so far.

Final Thoughts:

Is this necessary? Not at all. If you have spent the money on the cigar cutter knife which is not cheap go the extra mile. This carries a small price tag compared to what it will hold. $34 to complete this package is well worth it. This sleeve was also made for the knife specifically. You can tell by the fit. Work of art achieved.

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