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Imperiali Geneve Cigar Chest - The World's Coolest Humidor (Video Inside)

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

When money is not an object you can obtain some of the most luxurious and coolest items int he world. Since we are all brothers and sisters of the leaf this just makes sense to highlight. In my opinion, this is by far the coolest cigar chest on the planet.

First, it is sporting a $1 million dollar price tag. If you can manage to catch your breath after that statement let's move forward with what is under the hood.

The world's first relative humidity system has been designed and installed to guarantee that your cigars will be at 70% humidity and between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius. These fields can be adjusted to meet the wants of the user. The triple gauge displays all numbers in real time.

The timepiece you can see on the top of the chest is a 323 piece Imperiali Flying Tourbillon. It is made by a master Swiss watchmaker. It is as beautiful as it is accurate.

The cutter is an electronic masterpiece. The laser positioning system, guillotine, and cigar punch work together flawlessly. It also automatically detects, centers, clamps, and cuts with infinite precision

The intelligent ashtray has a sensor in it which activates when a cigar is brought close to open the lid. Once the open you can enjoy the magnificent LED lights which complete the look.

The Imperiali lighter has been designed to perfectly light each and every cigar. The tip of the gas-fueled lighted holds three nozzles. Blue flames continue to intensify until they become one.

To keep this masterpiece and its contents safe you can brush your hand over the 9 letters which spell Imperiali. A previously hidden set of LCD screens now becomes visible. Touch one or several of them to input the correct code allowing the chest to unlock.

No cigar chest would be complete without cigars. This one comes loaded with 24 Cuban gold leaf wrapped luxury cigars. The finishing touch on an already flawless item.

Take a look at the video below which shows every piece of this beautiful work of art.

More information available at:

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