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Interview With Cigar Influencer Natalia Tejada

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Natalia has style, she has beauty, she has grace. She is also very well embedded in the cigar community. In a short period of time she has become and influence in the world of smoke. She is also followed by many on Instagram (@cinnamoncigar) who share the same passion. A direct link to her profile can be found at the link below.

Natalia found her passion for cigars exactly two years ago. In her early days, beginning to smoke, she appreciated a very special sequence of moments. The pleasant smoke, in a cigar store, with the aim of creating a smoking environment. She appreciated what the environment itself was, but when perceiving what is behind this great world of cigars, it was impressive and even changed her way of being. That is when she was able to see the process and all it entails. Many different stages must take place for a person to sit down and enjoy a smoke. She looked deeper into that process. The overall effort, hard work, love and passion that has been in harmony since planting a seed. The fermentation and production of cigars in factories. The internal work as a tobacco company and marketing. This set of skills and work led her to appreciate and have a genuine respect for the great force that a cigar itself carries.

"It is not just cutting and lighting a cigar, it is a passion behind all this that leads to a perfect preparation."

At the moment, she honestly does not have any specific favorite brand. The choice of which cigar to smoke on any given day depends on her mood and what she is looking for at that time. Right now there are two brands that have fulfilled my expectations for their balance, body, and creaminess.  These would be Camaleon Cigars and Oliva Cigars.

Camaleon Cigar Instagram @camaleoncigar

Oliva Cigar Instagram


Natalia is also a coffee lover. It is no surprise that she also enjoys pairing her cigars with coffee. It is a task to find the perfect match. While there are several combinations that can work, depending on the smoker, she really loves a mature type cigar with coffee. She is able to perceive strong notes and flavor profiles on the palate.

As an female influencer in the world of cigars, Natalia was welcomed with open arms. She had no difficulty joining the crowd because she has a charisma and tendency that connects with her life preference. She also is surrounded by an environment that interacts day by day with the industry.  Basically she lives with the cigar. She also believes that cigar smokers in general project a certain image that is transmitted to those around her. It's a lifestyle that she chooses which greatly strengthens the presence and personality of the person.

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