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Q&A With Cigar Influencer And Model Queen Cobra

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Queen Cobra is very influential in the world of cigars. She is also a very successful alternative, fetish, and fine art model. You can follow her on Instagram @sexycigar or visit her website

Q. Where are you from?

A. I hail from the Southeast Asian region.

Q. Where do you live now?

A. Presently, I am located in Malaysia.

Q. Where did you first find your passion for cigars?

A. Maybe about 10 years ago. I was given a cigar as a gift and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I think the image of a woman smoking a great big cigar is intimidating and powerful. Two things I'd like to associate myself with! In my younger years, I was a competitive athlete and a coach, so smoking did not jive very well with my personal image at all. On top of that, I could not afford to smoke. But today it's a different story!

Q. What is your favorite cigar to smoke right now?

A. My favorite cigar is the Liga Privada No. 9 Belicoso Oscuro. I must also mention that spot is tied with the Flying Pig vitola.

Q. What is your preferred cutting method?

A. I enjoy the V-cut very much, but it also greatly depends on the cigar!

Q. How did you become an ambassador for Cigar Emperor?

A. So I began my Instagram account, @sexycigar, purely for fun and to log cigars that I've smoked. Something like a diary with my reviews, personal notes, and all the fun cigar-related stuff. I wasn't really caring about who was looking at it or following it. I did not expect it to gain popularity as quickly as it did. One thing led to another, and I was invited to do photo shoots and was commissioned to model with cigars as well. Eventually I picked up some attention in my local market, and was offered an ambassadorship. 

Q. What is the process for helping someone pick the perfect cigar?

A. Personally I like to talk to people about what sort of notes they enjoy, and go from there. Another good idea is to ask what someone enjoys drinking. Whether it's a whiskey, bourbon, coffee, or even sparkling juice. I then can pair notes based off of that. After that, it's about how much body and intensity they would prefer in their smokes. Finally what vitola. How much time does one have to spend on a single smoke session. 

Q. Cigar Emporer carries the Night Lord by Ron Jeremy. How would you rate that cigar?

A. I have not heard of that one, so it must be a very recent addition. I am no longer attached with Cigar Emperor at the point of this interview, and when I still was, I stood behind several brands within the distributorship that I believed in and loved, such as the Blanco, Davtian, Bugatti and Perdomo. I had a great time working with them for a long time, but all good things do come to an end. Presently, I am awaiting another potential ambassadorship contract, which is close on the horizon.

Q. When did you get into fetish modeling?

A. I did my first fetish shoot in 2008, and fell in love with the genre immediately. Ever since then, the goal had been to transition out of fashion and mainstream modelling, to do something that I could really put my name and brand on, and relate to. 

Q. What is your favorite part of the modeling business?

A. The fact that I have the freedom to create, and do crazy experimental things as well in my art form. I'm very happy and lucky that what I do is far, far out of the box and confines of mainstream modelling. This same freedom also allowed me to become a cigar model, and put my own personal spin on how I want my photos done. Each and every one has a personal touch, and I have a lot of freedom in directing my vision. 

Q. Do you have a favorite photo shoot you have done? If so, which one?

A. There are so many it is really difficult to pick. If I had to choose it must have been when I spent a week in Japan modelling for a very traditional Japanese bridal and kimono studio. Not only were the outfits amazingly elaborate, the real joy was being immersed headfirst into the rich Japanese culture and traditions. None of my crew spoke a single word of English, and I spoke absolutely no Japanese at all. It was very heartening to see everyone trying to communicate using translation apps or hand signals, and all keeping so cheerful at the same time! The people were delightful. 

Q. How do you find the balance between your modeling career and cigar passion?

A. There is no balance to be found quite honestly, as they both seem to intertwine seamlessly, one into the other. I can enjoy a cigar in my downtime, and look good smoking one with friends in a lounge. I can also rock it out on the set of a professional photo shoot. Win-win!

Q. Did you find it hard as a woman to enter and be accepted into the world of cigars?

A. Not really. I think it is all in people's heads. Sure, some people feel that women look disgusting when they smoke, or that is is very unbecoming of a lady to be smoking, but that's really not my problem! So I never get into my head at all about what people think. Furthermore, when people get to know me better, and realize I know what I am doing and talking about, I think that respect is gradually earned. People then easily see past gender. I think it is important to be confident and knowledgeable in this world, but at the same time know how to be down-to-earth and amiable.

Q. What one piece of advice would you give to a person newly entering the cigar world?

A. Take your time! Try new stuff, and try a wide variety of stuff. That way you get to know a broad spectrum of flavor profiles and can gradually identify what you like, and don't like. Then narrow it down from there to pinpoint the stuff you really enjoy. 

I have to thank Queen Cobra for her time. If you follow her Instagram (@sexycigar) you will quickly realize that she is a very busy woman. I highly recommend you give her a follow. I do know she has some new things on the horizon and we will be staying in contact with her movign forward and will update you on what's next. Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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