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Q&A With The Beautiful Cigar Lover Gina Gutierrez

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Today, we had the chance to catch up with the beautiful cigar lover from Pennsylvania Gina Gutierrez. She has been making her way through the world of cigars and loving every minute of it. You can follow her on Instagram @ginabeena89.

Gina is originally form the Dominican Republic, but currently resides in Pennsylvania. She found her love for the world of cigars roughly four years ago and has been heavily involved ever since. Through that time he has had the chance to expand her palette and try many different cigars. As of right now, her favorite brand is Monte Cristo. Knowing that the cut is also very important an enthusiast will adopt a favorite method. Gina has found that a straight cut is her method of choice.

Besides cigars, Gina is also a wine lover. So we are certain that she enjoys the finer things in life. Her top two wines to enjoy at this time are Pinot Grigio and Santa Margherita. It is obvious that she loves to pair her cigars with wine, but she also enjoys pairing them with tea.

While being very active in this world of cigars that we love so much, her number one priority is being a mom. She told us that she is very fortunate to have amazing family support so she can find the correct balance easily. We are thankful that she has it so she can be an excellent mom while still sharing her cigar journey with us.

Finding her footing in the world of cigars did not come difficult to her. She considers herself a very confident person with everything she does. In her mind, if you have the personality and confidence everything is easier.

I did ask her what one piece of advice she would give to someone new to the cigar world. She thought that reading about cigars and the culture is a major plus. Knowing the blends and flavors are also a must, but understanding the anatomy of a cigar is equally if not more important.

Finally, I wanted to know what she would say if asked to guide someone to picking their perfect cigar. Her answer was simply and extremely accurate in my mind. Know what cigars are made of, types of wrappers, binders, and fillers. Once you have this information you are able to make the best selection for yourself based on that.

I would like to thank Gina for her time in answering a few questions for us. There is nothing better than getting another persons opinion on these topics. Sometimes you agree, sometimes you don't, and sometimes you learn something new. Again, please give her a follow on Instagram @ginabeena89 and stay current with what she is doing. Thank you for reading.

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