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Traficante Cigar Company

About Traficante Cigar Company


Traficante Cigar Company creates hand crafted premium cigars in small batch, highly limited quantities. This allows us to select the finest tobacco from the richest tobacco-growing regions of Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. This allows our master blender, expert growers and hand rollers to produce unique cigars of unsurpassed quality and flavor. This boutique approach to cigar making replaces the standard cigar experience with the Traficante Cigar experience. If you enjoy mass produced cigars, you are probably in the wrong place. Join the Traficante family (La Familia) in the revolution against mediocrity. 

*** We are a true boutique cigar company. Unlike some "boutique" brands that produce thousands of cigars daily, our maximum daily production is less than 1000. This means that stock may be low on occasion and orders may be delayed briefly if a blend is on back order. This also means that some blends will never be reproduced when stock runs out. 


Traficante Cigar Company was founded in 2015 and represents what we have seen and experienced in the Narco-Culture. We have no intention of being a major player in the cigar industry, but prefer to keep the brand(s) exclusive and unique. We depend heavily on the connections we have made over the years to assist us in our quest to provide the highest quality cigars available. We are not a large company, and we prefer it that way. Our goal is to provide the best cigar experience possible. How do we do that? With the help of our Amigo's. 


After fermentation is complete, our tobacco undergoes a secondary aging process where it continues to release ammonia. This enhances the flavor and aroma. The wrapper tobacco is packed in bales of 120 lbs and is left to rest and age for a minimum of two years. During this time, the bales are cured in a special warehouse where the humidity and temperature are controlled at all times, in order to maintain the proper moisture and humidity. Once fermented, filler tobacco goes back to the tobacco floor where part of the mid stem is removed by hand. After the mid stem is removed, filler tobacco is packed in bales of 130 lbs and placed into tercios, which are bales made of royal palm bark. Tercios are an expensive process because each tercio must be made by hand. This method originated in Cuba and is ideal because it allows the tobacco to age in a slow, continuous manner to achieve the optimal taste, aroma and burning capability. Filler tobacco remains in tercios for up to two years. Once this is complete, the filler tobacco is then packed into Dominican rum barrels where it continues to age and mature, taking on additional flavor nuances.

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