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Review: Puro Cigar House

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across Puro Cigar House while searching for the elusive, sold out, Ezra Zion line up of cigars. Hands down, this is one of the best discoveries I could have made while combing the web for these almost impossibly hard to find cigars. The Website

Their website consists of a simple set up allowing visitors to find what they are seeking with ease. Upon first glance, you are welcomed by several current deals. At last visit they are currently running a Crowned Heads and Oliva event offering free cigars and swag relative to purchasing a specific quantity of cigars. Who doesn’t love getting free stuff and who doesn’t love free cigar swag? There seems to always be a weekly deal consisting of a premium cigar sampler at a significant savings over regular price. Beyond that, the site is simple and to the

point. Images representing each cigar brand carried link customers to each available manufacture’s product. For those who enjoy pairing their cigar with a cup of coffee, Puro Cigar also sells several brands for you to add to your order.


Several cigars I had struggled to find in stock included the elusive Ezra Zion which are released in limited quantities and Dunbarton & Trust Tobacco which seem to sell out quickly on other websites. In particular, I was looking for the Ezra Root Beer Float 2020 release and the D&TT Unstolen Valor cigar. Puro was the first site I came across which actually had both in stock at that moment in addition to several other Ezra Zion releases which were sold out elsewhere. For me personally, Puro Cigar has become a reliable source for adding some unique smokes to my humidor. In addition to limited edition and harder to find cigars, they carry a full line of well-known brands as well such as Drew Estate, Fuente,

Oliva, and more.

Customer Service:

I fortunately have had no need to contact customer service. Shipping is a flat rate at $5.99 for orders up to $124.99. Orders over $125 ship for free. Shipping is EXTREMELY FAST! I recently placed two separate orders from Puro Cigar and both orders were delivered from Oklahoma to New Jersey within only 2 business days. My only recommendation is that you purchase a Boveda pack to keep your order fresh. Since they arrived so quickly I had no issues with either shipment an he sealed bag seemed to be adequate to maintain their humidity level. One can never be too sure though of unexpected delays within the postal system. Boveda packs are not automatically included and must be purchased for an additional small fee of $1.55 per order.

Final Thoughts:

While I wish humidification was automatically included with shipment, I received both orders so quickly, there was no time for damage to be done. I have been blown away with how quickly my cigars arrived considering they came from half way across the country. Puro Cigar has an impressive selection of both common and limited edition cigars. For those unsure of what they like or searching for a new brand, a monthly subscription is available for $60/month which also earns you 15% off regular purchases. I know I will continue following them closely for their newest releases. They will continue to be my top source for those hard to find “unicorns” that I just must have in my humidor.

Follow @purocigarhouse on Instagram for announcements of upcoming releases

and new weekly deals.

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