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Rumor Alert: El Septimo Gilgamesh Third Line Coming Soon

As you all know I am a huge fan of the several lines from El Septimo. I always keep my ear to the ground and see what I can find out. I have heard a new rumor from a reliable source. In the near future the third line in the Gilgamesh Collection should be arriving. As you know the Gilgamesh Collection is the newest to the El Septimo family. It was also the first 50 gauge cigars that the company has ever put out. Thus far they have a full bodied Sable Shamash and the medium bodied Aqua Anu.

The Sable Shamash review can be found by clicking the link below the photo:

The Aqua Anu review can be found by clicking the link below the photo:

The Rumor Mill:

So here is the important part. What did I hear? I have been told that the Gilgamesh Collection will be coming out with their third line cigar. 5 inches by 60 gauge which is right on par for this collection. A full bodied cigar that is very strong. The strongest in the collection. Filled with body and flavors. The flavor profile thus far is undisclosed. The name which I find to be very suiting is rumored to be King Sargon. The price range is rumored to be $20.00 - $25.00 per cigar.

A Lesson In History:

Based on one of the oldest stories written into existence. The historical records of Assyrian King Gilgamesh,

King Sargon was the first king of the world according to these records. He was actually named the king of kings.

He ruled his kingdom in 2000 bc and was king of Assyrians. The name, history, and time period also fits perfectly into this particular collection. This all leads me to believe that the information is accurate.

Final Thoughts:

While this did come from a source that I think is very reliable it is not set in stone. I personally am hoping that it is true. I enjoyed the Gilgamesh Collection so far and have no doubt that the next offering will be just as pleasing. Stayed tuned. As more information becomes available I will share it.

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