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Hidden Gem Cigars November (Citrine) Release Updates

The boys in the lab have put out another cigar in the limited edition gem series. There are a few little pieces of information that come with this release that are a bit different from the previous ones.

First, this will be the last cigar in the gem series for now. Hidden Gem Cigars will be moving towards a general release. The one great thing is they have not put out a bad cigar yet and I do not see that coming anytime soon.

Second, this will be the last cigar they sell via Instagram. I do not know what the plan is fully but I have to assume that they will be selling through a website or through a retailer.

Lastly, in case you missed it the November release is a rerelease of the first gem which was in July (Ruby). If you missed it the first time around I can not tell you enough to not miss it this time.

A fun Hidden Gem Fact. The first, second, and fifth releases are the only ones to have to her names besides the month. July was Ruby. August was Peridot. September is September. October is October. November is Citrine.

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