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Review: Hidden Gem Cigars Challenge Coin

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

It really seems like every week there is something to write about Hidden Gem Cigars. Either a new release, give-a-way, and everythign in between. Today is no different. Seth and the other founding members over at Hidden Gem came up with something a little different this time. A beautiful challenge coin.


Brand: Hidden Gem Cigars

Product: Challenge Coin

Pieces Made: 100

Limited Edition: Yes

Price: Not For Sale

How To Get: Give-A-Way

First Impression:

A first glance all you see is the shine and it is beautiful. A chrome like finished out ring surrounds the lighter gray in the center with a chrome gem in the middle with the words brotherhood, trust, and passion. The outer ring also has initials at the four ends for each of the founding members that started Hidden Gem Cigars. The reverse side has a thin chrome ring on the outer edge with a matching logo and company name. The rest is the lighter gray which provides great contrast.

Final Thoughts:

This coin is nothing short of a show piece. It is definitely something you would be proud to display. Mine will find its home at my cigar bar. While I do appreciate stickers, patches, t-shirts, hats, and everything else it is a breath of fresh air to see something a little bit different. I suggest you head over to the Hidden Gem Cigars Instagram page @hiddengemcigars and check out the contest. No purchase necessary and Seth is a great guy. Make sure to say hello.

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