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El Septimo, Explore Your Seventh Sense

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

We have all heard of the sixth and seventh sense. It is something that is inside of each of us that we have the ability or perceive the ability to tap into. It is the equivalent of taking a journey into the unknown while remaining safe form harm.

By definition, the sixth sense, is just that. An extrasensory perception (or ESP) beyond our five commonly recognized senses — hearing, taste, sight, smell and touch. The colloquial use of the term "sixth sense" refers to our ability to perceive something that isn’t apparently there, such as when you get a sense that a person is bad. Another extreme example would the feeling that you forgot something at home when you accidentally left the house with your baby in the car seat on the kitchen floor.

The seventh sense, or visceral sense by definition, is the perception of the existence of the internal organs. Another level of awareness that is inside all of us. It may not be prominent and we may not realize it is there, but it most certainly is. This is amore heightened experience that surpasses the sixth sense. So the real question is, how does this pertain to the world of El Septimo cigars? It is most definitely part of their slogan. Below you will find my understanding of it and why I believe it to be true. I tried to take the words for what they are and make this make sense to me. I believe I have done just that. Please note that this is purely my opinion which you may or may not agree with.

El Septimo tells you to pick a cigar and begin to explore your seventh sense. The selection process alone is amazing. They have so many collections with different profiles that there is something for everyone. When I first read this I did not look to much into it. As I began to review the brand and their offerings I decided to come back to this quote and head down the rabbit hole. What I came up with not only made my experience with El Septimo better, but my entire outlook on smoking and tasting different cigars of all brands.

To better explain my thought process I took several things into account. First, the process behind each and every cigar they produce. High quality tobacco from Costa Rica is hand picked and used. Every cigar uses whole leaf for every part. There are not any pieces of leaf involved. The aging process is on another level. Depending on which cigar you select the tobacco is aged anywhere from 5 years up to 15 years. Think about that. Lets say you smoked a Bomba form El Sepitmo tomorrow. The tobacco used to roll that one cigar began its aging process in 2005. Let it sink in. That is a long dedicated process. They also age their tobacco in vegetable oils and white rum. There are a lot of moving parts. Once you realize the history and process and really think about it you are in possession of something amazing.

I like to journey far down the path when really trying to understand something. I do not find this to be the seventh sense by definition. For example, when I reviewed the Bomba from El Septimo I kept all of the above mentioned in mind. When you are alone reviewing it is almost an intimate experience. Every draw you take produces a thought. That thought is transferred into a flavor that you believe you are tasting. It also seems to be accompanied by a feeling. This is where the sixth and seventh senses comes into play. Creating a flavor profile based on what you perceive to taste is the sixth sense by definition to me. The seventh sense is being so aware of what you are doing it takes your palette to another level. Is that not being aware of your organs? That paired with a heightened level of awareness overall is what makes the seventh sense real.

This entire experiment was very interesting to me. I also enjoyed being able to connect the phrase with a physical experience. It was unlike any other I have had while smoking a cigar. I would encourage you to try and do the same. Open your mind to the possibilities and give this a try. While El Septimo was the building block of this idea I assure you that it will enhanced your smoking experiences moving forward with every brand.

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