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Pro Tip: How To Relight A Cigar

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

So what happens when you light up one of your favorite ticks and get sidetracked? Maybe you start chatting with a friend or making new friends. Either way a good amount of time has passed. When you get back to your cigar it has burned out. There is a right and wrong way to relight your cigar so it tastes as good as it did prior to burning out.

Step 1:

Purge your cigar. Clean out all the ash from the burned out part of the cigar. I personally use a cigar draw that is in my case. You could also use the wooden stick of a match and ion a pinch a plastic fork. Either way clean out as much of the ash as you can.

Step 2:

Begin to relight your cigar. Be patient it will take more time than the first time you lit it up.

Step 3:

While keeping the flame on the cigar blow into the cigar instead of taking a draw. This will help to remove the toxins and bad stuff form inside the cigar. It will rid the stick of the harshness.

Step 4:

Enjoy your revived cigar.

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