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North American Cigar Syndicate

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Our friends over at North American Cigar Syndicate are quickly building their page. They bring a welcoming twist to the cigar community. I wanted to share a message from them to the rest of the community.

"We will feature your car, your woman, even your guns as long as they are with cigars. We are about hot woman, fast cars, and of course, great cigars. We welcome any and all clubs to advertise promotions, give-a-ways, and events to add to our page. We do not however promote politics, hate speech, and anything illegal."

Seems like a solid set of rules if you are asking my opinion. They would love to invite and feature anything that meets the above criteria on their page. Send them a direct message if you are interested. Also, give them a follow on Instagram @north_american_cigar_syndicate and welcome them to the community.

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