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Important News: Cigar Scanner Banned From Apple App Store

A recent email went out to all Cigar Scanner and your account. Apple has banned Cigar Scanner from their app store considering it is promoting tobacco use. As you all know, Cigar Scanner never run advertisement of any sort on our app but according to Apple, displaying a cigar is considered promotion. As Apple has the final say on which app you can use in their app store, update will no longer be available for the iPhone app. Android users are not affected.

This is not the end of Cigar Scanner! Their decision is no surprise, Apple has recently been removing lots of popular apps for different reasons and without any consideration for the app users. Fortunately, we were prepared to it and you can keep accessing the new up-to-date Cigar Scanner web app, using Safari on your iPhone, at:

You will enjoy all the features that the regular app comes with, plus some extra! We will now be able to bring you more features that weren't available before because of Apple restrictions. You can expect to see promotions, deals, coupons and the ability to find the products you're looking for directly from the app!

To enjoy a full app experience, make sure you add it to your home screen by opening on Safari and follow the steps described in the picture below.

Feel free to express your anger and frustration to Apple by filling out their form at or by sending an email to

This does raise one question. Why is this app banned? There are several apps still available for alcohol inventory. There are also apps to manage your monthly alcohol shipping. Is the promotion of alcohol better than tobacco?

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