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El Septimo New Traveler Cigar Release - Congo Africa

The news just keep son rolling out. El Septimo, known throughout the cigar community as a premium cigar, is releasing another new cigar. This time it is part of the Travel Time Collection. This is the first regional edition of El Septimo in Africa. CONGO AFRICA, D R CONGO.

A special blend was put together to make the newest cigar. The details of the blend are yet to be released. What we do know is that there is not a single cigar from El Septimo that has let me down personally with construction or taste. The true definai9tion of luxury. These cigars are also wrapped in a special packaging which can be seen in the photo.

Below you will see a teaser video to get you even more excited for this release. I personally can not wait to get them in my hands to give them a try.

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