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El Septimo Releases New Line Of Stone Humidors

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

El Septimo has just launched its new collection of luxury stone humidors part of its Presidential Collection. These limited-edition humidors are hand made using precious stones. That includes Tiger’s Eye, Mother of Pearl, Red Jasper, Malachite, Amethyst, and Lapis Lazuli. Premium cigars stored in a premium humidor.

Chairman and CEO of Younan Collection, Zaya Younan, states “This project has been years in the making of meticulous planning. Each component of these humidors has been hand-crafted, paying great attention to detail on every individual piece and component that makes up these humidors. If something was not perfect, we started from scratch. We wanted to be sure that each of these humidors not only functioned perfectly, but that they also lasted for generations and told a deeper story - afterall, what better investment than a treasure for you and your next generation to remember you by? This is another prime example of how El Septimo continues to break barriers in the cigar industry, creating products that offer a full-encompassing luxurious experience and tradition for cigar lovers all over the world.”

The Presidential Collection Humidors are each made entirely from its pure stone, and are ornately decorated with 18K gold and silver detailing. The interior is 100% Spanish cedar, offering two trays that can fit over 100 cigars total, depending on the sizes. The built-in hygrometer is the perfect instrument to measure the amount of water vapor and humidity level inside your humidor, so that you can be sure you are storing your cigars in the perfect temperature at all times. This humidor comes in a beautiful travel case and is wrapped in a velvet protective case.

The different stone humidors range in price from $3,500 up to $5,200 a piece. The Presidential Collection Humidors are exclusively available for sale through the El Septimo website which offers worldwide shipping, as well as at all Younan Collection Hotels and El Septimo Lounges located in Los Angeles, CA, Geneva, Switzerland, France and Portugal. This is the definition of class, luxury, style, and sophistication. This serves a purpose of course, but imagine what type of conversation piece this would make. As a cigar enthusiast myself this collection of humidors would turn heads including my own.

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