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El Septimo Future Accessory Releases

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

With so much going on I wanted to take a moment to speak about the upcoming accessories El Septimo will be releasing. While I have not had the opportunity to review any of these I am certain that they will uphold the craftmanship and quality of products before them. Below you can find photo galleries of what you can expect in the future. Get your Christmas lists ready since there will most likely be several items form this article on there. Also note that this is not a complete list, but a glimpse into what the future will hold.

Presidential Collection Humidors

Travel Collection Cases

Cigar Spirits Glass

Jet Flame Lighters

Presidential Collection Lighters

4-in-1 Cigar Tool

Single and Double Punchers


Travel Bags and Handbags

As you can see there are several great things coming. There are even more that are not here. Take this preview of what is to come for a very long time.

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