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El Septimo Cigars

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

El Septimo was founded in 2005 in Geneva, Switzerland. A premium cigar brand with every offering qualifying as luxury. While the company is by no means new it recently made landfall in the United States. With less than 6 month in the U.S. it has already began to make its presence known in a major way.

The Cigar Collections

There were a few notable things I gathered after speaking with the the top of the food chain at El Septimo. The level of detail, craftsmanship, passion, and dedication to the craft. First, they only use whole leaves in their cigars. While that does not seem like a huge statement let it sink in. Several brands use the parts and pieces of the leaf that fits their need which is not an issue. El Septimo took the approach of using the entire leaf throughout the cigar which also means a good portion of their lines are large ring gauge. In my opinion it does add different flavor since each part of the leaf will not match. Second, during their fermentation process they leave their leaves in white rum and vegetable oil. The rum adds tons of flavor depending on time it is fermented. The oil adds a silky smooth and shiny look to the wrapper of the cigar. The oils also help pull flavor from the tobacco when you are enjoying it.

El Septimo has several lines of cigars, but make no mistake. They see each blend and its own brand. As of right now they have roughly 40 different brands under the El Septino flag. They do have their selections under specific selections. The Diamond Collection, Luxus Collection, Travel Time Collection, Alexandra Collection, and Gilgamesh Collection can be found on their website at

Below you can see a slideshow gallery of just a few of these premium cigars.

As I stated before I would count each and every stick under the "luxury" tab when it comes to cigars. They also have a large range of prices for any budget. The cigars they offer range from $20 to $87 for a single. While those numbers may jump out at you because the range starts at $20 let's put it into perspective. Other sought after brands such as Opus X and Sin Compromiso have a range from $17 up to $100 per stick. Those were the two that came to mind right away, but there are many more.

The Accessory Line

The accessory line is almost as broad as their cigars. Lighters, Limited Edition Lighters, Cigar Cutters, Humidors, Punches, and merchandise are all there. They also have cigar cases and ash trays in the works and coming soon. They have an item for every taste. My personal favorite is the Black and Gold Double-Jet Torch Flame Lighter and Puncher. They also have produced lighters made of solid gold and precious gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, and emerald. This is the high end. As for luxury and unique humidors they also have that covered. Again, they went with pure luxury making them with mother of pearl, tiger's eye, red jasper, amethyst, and other precious materials. There really isn't an accessory here that will not perform to the fullest potential and your highest expectations.

Check out the photo slideshow below to see just some of the many accessories and options El Septimo has.

Final Thoughts:

I really dug into this company. I searched the web, spoke to current fans, and even spoke with the minds behind this luxury brand. I find myself to be very good at obtaining a complete picture and reading people. My initial impression of El Septimo matches the result of my searching. Quality is of the upmost importance. They do things differently with production and manufacturing. They genuinely listen to their customers and will adjust for the better. You just get the feel that this is something special. I know I have used the word luxury and premium throughout this article, but it is very hard not to. The first impression or that gut feeling you get is generally the right one. I literally felt like when I was done my conversation I would get into my Ferrari and drive to my house in the Hamptons. While that part is definitely fantasy El Septimo is that small slice of luxury that anyone can obtain. Would I recommend you check them out and make a purchase? 100%!! I did right before starting this article.

Below you will find the direct link the the El Septimo Press Kit in .pdf format:

Download PDF • 2.70MB

Stay tuned as cigar and accessory reviews will follow in the upcoming weeks.

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