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Cigars 102: Intermediate Level Cigars

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Welcome! In this section, we will dive deeper into the world of cigars, accessories, and skills. Let's talk about bitterness. Bitterness in cigars can mean several things from the fermentation of the tobacco and ammonia levels to smoking the cigar too fast. How can you tell the difference, and how can we fix it? Let's talk about science for a minute. During the fermentation process, ammonia is expelled from the tobacco as the cells degenerate and create heat as byproducts. If the tobacco isn't fermented long enough, a large amount of

ammonia can remain. One way to know if the cigars have high amounts of ammonia is to light it and blow through it. While you blow, the foot of the cigar will remain in flames. Once you've expelled the ammonia, the flame will go out. I recently purchased a box, does this mean it will all have ammonia? The answer is if the cigar came from the same batch and lot, then yes. There is something you can do to help, place the box in the humidor, and allow the cigars to rest. This will complete the fermentation process and allow the ammonia to escape, thus helping with the bitterness.

Now we talk about speed smoking. C'mon, guys, this isn't a race, cigars are meant to slow you down and relax. When you puff on a cigar too much or too fast, you will heat up the ember too hot. Tar and particulates will gather at the head of the cigar, burn, and become bitter. To solve this issue, you’ll need first to SLOW DOWN. Relax Frankie…. Then, take the cigar, place your lighter at the foot, light, rotate, and blow. This will blow out excess carbon build-up and help freshen the cigar. I hope this cigar knowledge finds you well, take it and share it. Spread the culture and create BOTL/SOTL everywhere.

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