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Self Cigar Infusion The Easy Way

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

While I enjoy cigars like everyone else I wanted to try and venture off and see what new flavor profiles I could combine. After many episodes of trial and error I have settled on a method that creates a great product at the end. While I do not claim to be an expert in this fields I would like to share the method I used and what my greatest creation to date is .... so far.

Supplies Needed / What I Used:

Airtight container - OXO Good Grips POP Food Storage Container

2 small containers - Bottom of two water bottles removed from a complete bottle

Infusion products - The Kraken Spiced Rum and Bialetti espresso beans (freshly ground)

Post-it note

Small cigar stand - Drew Estate Short Cigar Stand

Cigar to be infused - Puck by Alec Bradley


I used a small OXO Good Grip container sized to infuse one cigar at a time. Wash the inside of the container with hot water and soap. Allow to dry completely. For the small containers you can use shot glasses. This was not an option for me since the height of the container was not tall enough for them. I cut the bottom from two separate water bottles. Washed them with hot water and soap and allowed them to dry completely as well.

The Set-up:

Open your Oxo Good Grip container. Place the lid face up and covered to keep it clean. Place a small cigar stand in the center of the container. Remove your cigar from the wrapper and place it on the cigar stand. Take one of the bottom pieces from the water bottles that you cut and dried. Place it in one of the far corners. Fill it with the infusion flavor you are trying to obtain. For this I used The Kraken spiced rum. Take the other water bottle bottom and place it in the opposite far corner. Fill this with you second infusion flavor you are trying to obtain. I used Bialetti espresso beans freshly ground then placed inside the other container. Place the lid on top and seal it to the container. Put it in a place that does not have large temperature swings and can remain unbothered for the length of the project.


When placing your infusion products inside the container I would place the one filled with liquid in the front of the container so you can view it. It is not mandatory, but I enjoyed checking on it and watching the liquid level go down as the infusion process happened.

Write the date and time that the container was sealed and stick it to the top of the container. It isn't hard to remember that information, but I always like to have a back up plan. It is hard evidence of the exact date and time the container was sealed. I will write notes on them afterwards also so I can make adjustments for future projects.

Infusion Process:

All good things take time. I let the container rest and checked on it every few days. By the middle of the second week there was a noticeable amount of the rum gone from the container. As the days passed I noticed more and more missing. I ended the process after exactly 6 weeks. There was still some rum left in the container.

Post Infusion Process:

Open the container and remove the two fusion containers from inside. If you touch the cigar you will notice is that it is very soft with a more than normal oily feel. Leave the cigar on the stand and seal the top again to let it rest. I place a different post it note on the top to mark the date and time it was sealed with no infusion item inside. I let the cigar rest for 8 days. I then removed it from the container and placed inside a glass cigar tube. I let it sit and extra 3 days before smoking it.

The Results:

Puck by Alec Bradley is oily without any experimenting. It is also a very good smoke with an even burn. The cut was simple due to the cigar being slightly softer than normal. It lit well and stayed lit. This cigar already has the flavors of pepper, espresso, and cocoa. With the infusion I decided to use the espresso flavor was very prominent. It also boosted the flavor of the cocoa a few notches. While it kept its balance the flavor profile became intense. The flavor taken from the rum was very noticeable and even throughout the entire smoke. It also evened out the pepper flavor to stay in balance, but made it spicier in my opinion. The only negative that I found form this was as you smoked it down passed where the band is it had a minor harshness to it which is not standard for this cigar in its normal state.

Final Thoughts:

I encourage you to give this method a try if you find the self infusion the easy way interesting. I would be delighted to hear about the results and blends you have come up with. While there are many methods of accomplishing this I found this method to be enjoyable and effective. Should you have nay questions, comments, or concerns feel free to comment or send a direct message. Stay tuned as a review of Puck by Alec Bradley will be releasing very soon.

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