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Rocky Patel LB 1

When a factory develops a new cigar, it usually starts with a code number; LB1 is such a cigar. One thing is for sure when it comes to Rocky Patel; there is consistency in this blend. The medium-bodied, mixed varietal cigar is a great addition to his core line. This rich, dependable smoke is considered a great affair, with fillers from Condega and Estelí Nicaragua, Ligero from the Jamastran valley in Honduras, and wrapped in a smooth Ecuadorian Habano. The Rocky Patel LB1 will satisfy your senses for an everyday smoke.

Profile: Medium

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Filler: Condega, Estelí, Jamastran Ligero (Honduras)

Binder: Nicaragua

Shape: Robusto Parejo

Length: 5.5

Gauge: 50

Country: Honduras

Box-pressed: N/A

Sweet: N/A

Pricing: MSRP $194.00 (Box of 20)  $9.70 (per stick)

First Impression: On first look, this cigar had a beautiful color, almost like a combination of mahogany and lacquered oak.  The wrapper presented with a smell of citrus and cedar, and the foot presented with some of the same with a hint of salt, like an ocean breeze. No obvious blemishes or bulges were noted.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn: I used a V-style cutter for this cigar and placed a crown cut in the cap. On the cold draw, I got more of the citrus (closer to a lemon than an orange), cedar, and a woodsy undertone that I couldn’t place my finger on. I used a soft flame lighter and toasted the foot, this process took a while, but I did get a subtle change and added a plum or a raisin bread flavor once lit. The draw presented good airflow, and the burn was a little off once the cigar went, requiring several touch-ups; however, it stayed lit.

Flavor: The cigar was good, with several changes into the final 3rd. I started to note a hint of salt that reminded me of capers, along with the consistent cedar, wood, baking spices, coffee, and citrus diminishing into the background. The smoke was very thick, coating my palate nicely without overpowering it. The Ligero was present but not overly strong and added boldness to the cigar.

Final Thoughts: Rocky Patel has a lot of good cigars in his portfolio, and the LB1 is no exception. The cigar was fairly complex and made its point clear. There is something to be said about a dependable and consistent cigar, which brings me to my final recommendation. The LB1 is worth a purchase, pair it with a nice cup of coffee or high rye bourbon, and you can’t go wrong.

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