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Review: Zippo Pipe Lighter (Brushed Chrome)

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

This review could literally say it's a Zippo. That would be enough to sell me and most of the smoking community. Although I am a huge fan of the torch lighters which also have been made specific to pipes there is something nostalgic about a Zippo.


Lifetime guarantee Zippo case

Time tested inserts that have proven to work

Chimney modified to have a hole specific to light pipes

First Impression:

It's a Zippo!!!! That line alone would be enough to fill this section of the review. Classic, reliable, and time tested. We all expect nothing but the best, and Zippo continues to deliver.


Zippo took their classic lighter and made some upgrades to give you one of the best pipe specific lighter on the market. They added a hole in the chimney of this one. Now you can light your pipe with a soft flame while lowering the risk of damaging your precious pipe.

One Month Assessment:

This is on par with my first impression. The Zippo pipe lighter has a specific job to do. It gets that job done in the most elegant fashion. I have noticed that there is truly less damage to the pipe. Even though they are made to withstand the heat (obviously) this method does cut down some of things to withstand.

Final Thoughts:

This is more like a recap. It is a Zippo with a long, successful history. They created the pipe lighter to accommodate the pipe smoking community. It doesn't just do "good enough" to get the job done. If you smoke a pipe and you like a lighter that gets the job done then GO GET THIS LIGHTER!!!!!

I recommend using Zippo fluid, flints, and wicks with this lighter. There are other options, but why get in the way of perfection.

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