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Review: Zippo Duel Flame Butane Insert

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The leader in the world of lighters has answered the prayers of cigar smokers around the world. They have produced their branded butane insert to fit the classic Zippo case. You have to expect nothing but good things when this company puts a product out.


Brand: Zippo

Fuel: Butane

Flame: Duel

Lights Per Fill: 30-60 at 5-10 seconds per light (1 inch flame)

Flame Temperature: 2300 degrees Fahrenheit

Fill Capacity: 0.9 grams

Ideal Operating Temperature: 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit

Operating Altitude: Up to 5000 feet

Price: $16.95

First Impression:

The build and quality of the Zippo is what you would expect from a legendary brand. The butane is encased in a completely metal container. The adjustment knob on the bottom is an excellent size and very easy to use. The false windscreen design is visually appealing and adds that special touch to the entire design. The ever noticeable Zippo click is still there when opening the case. It is also a perfect fit to the classic Zippo case which is expected since they manufacture the case and insert.


After replacing the insert after filling this went right to use. There were no issues with lighting the lighter itself. The duel flames are very vibrant and even. They do a great job of toasting and lighting cigars. I tend to keep the flame light closer to the 10 second mark when in use. The numbers that Zippo provides are very accurate. I am able to get 30 to 40 lights out of each fill.


Perfect fit to Zippo case.

Maintained the legendary Zippo click while opening.

Lasts as long as the manufacturer states if not longer.

Quality is not an issue with the brand.


No fill window to see how much butane is left inside the lighter.

Final Thoughts:

I prefer the classic look of the Zippo lighter. My insert is currently housed inside a solid brass case. While there are cheaper inserts out there on the market I highly recommend spending the extra few dollars for piece of mind. Zippo is and will forever be a leader in the industry. If you want to stick with the Zippo brand for cigars then this insert is a must buy.

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