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Review: Xikar MTX Cigar Multi Tool

Updated: Oct 23, 2020


The Ad Copy:

The MTX Multi Tool is the ultimate cigar tool with five functions in one. These lightweight stainless steel folding cigar scissors now feature a large screw driver to easily adjust your flame height. It also features a cigar poker, small screwdriver/ lighter flame adjuster and bottle opener.


Type: Cigar Multi Tool

Tools: Scissors, large screw driver, cigar poker, small screwdriver, and bottle opener

Finishes: Bead blasted, chrome silver, black

Total Thickness: 1/4 inch

Total Weight: 1.0 oz

Price: $54.99


The scissors are very sharp and precise. You will get plenty of good cuts out of these.

The long and short screwdrivers are used to adjust the flame on your favorite lighter assuming it has an adjustment. I have also found this handy for some day to day uses and to cut tape on boxes.

The cigar poker was a bit misleading. When you think poker you think the length of the cigar or close to it. This is no where near that big, but it gives you just enough to get that extra draw that you desire. It can also be used as a cigar dagger for when you want to smoke it down to the nub.

The bottle opener is just that. It is a basic bottle opener that works.

Final Thoughts:

This is actually a very handy tool to have. Definitely a solid every day carry item. It covers your cigar needs while being handy for day to day use. It is lightweight and easy to always have. For the price you may not find a better multi tool by such a great brand.

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