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Review: X-Trem Shot By El Septimo

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

How many times have you sat down and just wanted a quick smoke. It happens all the time. I am not a huge fan of lighting a full sized stick and wasting it. You could let it burn out, clean the ash, and save it for later. You could do a lot of things, but the X-Trem Shot form El Septimo solves all these issues with no relight or waste. I welcome you to a monster of a 20 minute cigar.


Brand: El Septimo

Name: X-Trem Shot

Collection: Luxus

Profile: Full

Wrapper: Dark & Oily

Length: 2 inches

Gauge: 56

Country: Costa Rica

Tobacco Age: 7 years

Pricing: (Box of 25) - $450

(per stick) - $20

First Impression:

This cigar is very impressive on sight. To pack a 56 gauge on a 2 inch cigar and make it great is a very ambitious project. El Septimo has a history of trying new things and making them a standard. I was excited to try this quick smoke to see how satisfying it would be in the short amount of time I would be spending with it.

Pre-Smoke Ritual:

I went a different route with this firecracker of a cigar. Not wanting to loose any of this one I toasted with a direct flame to get this going immediately. Due to the size of this premium a modified approach was needed. The aroma of this cigar literally smacks you in the face. I made my cut with a punch and skipped the cold draw. The dark and oily wrapper were sure to fill this cigar filled with flavor.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

The X-Trem Shot lights up very easy and stays lit. The draw is on the tighter side which I actually enjoyed. With such a compact size and short smoke time you do not want to lose any of this delicious smoke. The burn is even and stays steady.


This cigar has loads of flavor throughout the entire smoke. With such a compact size there is no time to work into anything. On initial light you get strong flavor of pepper and mixed earthy spices. There is also leather, dark chocolate, caramel, and toffee throughout the smoke. Mild sweetness pulls everything together. I have to say once you are finished you definitely ready to light up another. Good thing that there is a bigger version of this same cigar.

My Preference:

This premium cigar was ready on arrival. I did give it one day in the humidor since I always do that. My cut was made with a punch that comes in the bottom of the El Spetimo black and gold jet lighter. I used the same lighter for my source of fire.

Final Thoughts:

This cigar rates very high on my list. It packs a punch form beginning to end. The flavor profile mixes perfectly. This is a 20 minutes cigar that will not disappoint. If you want a luxury, flavor filled, full bodied cigar backed into a small premium package this is the one for you.

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