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Review: Tabak Especial Negra

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Flavored Cigars have been around for quite some time, some good and some horrible. Then a cigar comes around that changes the game. Tabak Especial Negra by Drew Estate is that cigar. This sweet-tasting Maduro has the finest, luscious, and richest Nicaraguan tobaccos infused with the most delicate coffee essences from the mountains of Jinotega Matagalapa. This cigar takes your senses for a ride with the sweetest thick smoke, soft coffee, and chocolate notes, and supple, oily wrapper. This is a great go-to for an after-dinner stick or if you crave something sweet!


Profile: Medium

Wrapper: Sumatra

Shape: Varies

Length: Varies

Gauge: Varies

Country: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicarauan Criollo

Binder: Sumatra

Sweet: Coffee and Chocolate

Pricing: (Box of 24) - $190.25

Sizes: Robusto, Corona, Gordo, Cigarillo

First Impression:

The first thought I had when I unwrapped this cigar was, “Who the hell turned a chocolate

cake into a cigar?” The wrapper was creamy, smooth, and oily, full of supple chocolate and roasted coffees. I knew I would sincerely enjoy this cigar.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

The light was a little tricky due to the high humidity of the cigar. The draw was smooth and allotted for a good flow, and the burn was even but on the cooler end. This allowed the cigar to reach its full flavor potential.


I am not the type of cigar smoker the generally likes infused cigars, but this is an infusion made in history. This cigar is like taking a trip through Willy Wonka’s factory if it was in Nicaragua.

My Preference:

I always like to rest my cigars before smoking. For me, this allows me to give the best chance for all the flavors to have developed.

Rest: 3 weeks

Cutter: Punch

Lighter: Butane soft flame – this brings out the roasted coffee notes very slowly and provides a more luxurious,denser smoke.

Final Thoughts:

We’ve all had that great after-dinner cigar, the one that ends the night perfectly. This is one of those for me, an amazing, sweet, and rich smoke. Have it with Italian espresso or better yet Cuban coffee.

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2 comentarios

Edmundo Alvarez
Edmundo Alvarez
19 jun 2023

I love this Cigar.. The taste, the aroma, smooth.. Great Cigar

Me gusta

Guy LaGrega
Guy LaGrega
27 ago 2022

I loved it! Smooth and not overpowering

Me gusta
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