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Review: Super Fly (Gordo) by Oscar Valladares

Considered a household name in the cigar industry Oscar Valladares has brought his premium cigar lines to life with attractive and unique packaging that stands out. The Leaf by Oscar and Wild Hunter lines of cigars express a bold and fresh take on how a cigar brand can present itself. Style, swagger and imagination fuel the manufacturing process from the blends themselves, to the distinctive presentation. Super Fly is not an exception to these standards, and it delivers flavors that start conversations. (Ad Copy)


Brand: Oscar Valladares

Cigar: Super Fly

Profile: Medium / Full

Wrapper: San Andres

Filler: Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan

Binder: Honduran

Length: 6.2 inches

Gauge: 60

Shape: Gordo

Origin: Honduras

Pricing: (Box of 10) - $206.99

(per stick) - $13.00

First Impression:

The 70's style retro box and band caught my eye immediately. I have been lucky in my last several reviews to find top notch packaging. Well thought out and perfectly planned. Everything form the purple on the box to the style of letters used this cigar screams smoke me.

Pre-Smoke Ritual:

We are creatures of habit. I checked out the band as always since some are amazing. I took in the aroma. Inspected the wrapper which was flawless. I made my cut and prepared to light this one up.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

Lighting was par for the course. Not to long or to short of time to get it going. The draw was on the looser side of perfect. This is also a good thing. Anything in the "perfect" range works. The burn was very even. Even after multiple inspections throughout the smoke I could not find anything off.


The first third of this cigar caught me off guard. I am the first person to question flavor when reviewing. This was without a doubt the flavor of oatmeal. Warm oatmeal to be exact. There was also strong flavors of leather and chocolate. The second third of this cigar kept up with the flavors that were there with the addition of notes of hat and vanilla. There was also a burst of nut flavor. The final third had the same flavors with a few changes. The oatmeal, leather and chocolate remanded steady. The hay became stronger, but remained in the notes category. The vanilla and nut flavor also got stronger. This was a solid flavor profile that had zero bitterness.

My Preference:

This cigar stayed in the humidor for 8 days. Smoke worthy on arrival though. I made my cut with a Colibri 1928 v-cutter. My source of fire was a Dissim inverted lighter (soft flame).

Final Thoughts:

The look of the box, band, and cigar overall were amazing. the aroma catch your attention before you make your cut. The construction is solid. A well put together cigar that preforms at the luxury level and beyond. These were hard (for me) to find for awhile, but I was fortunate enough to come across them and just could not pass them up. When you look at price versus quality this is a no brainer. Grab one to try it, then grab a few more since you will want to do it again.

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