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Review: Sin Compromiso Seleccion No.5

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

After three years of experimenting from master blender Steve Saka we now have Sin Compromiso Selección Cigars. Black tobacco leaves from Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Mexico were used to create a timeless masterpiece. Translated to "Without Compromise", you can rest assured that every detail was checked without nothing being missed. Trust the man behind the blend.


Profile: Medium/Full

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés

Length: 6 inches

Gauge: 54

Country: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Ecuadorian

Pricing: (Box of 13) - $203.95

(per stick) - $17.50

First Impression:

When it comes to iconic looks this cigar has it all. The band and cedar wrap around this high profile cigar is recognized across the globe. This is actually my first experience with this particular cigar. In the interest of accuracy I did smoke two and took notes before writing the review. The obvious impression that I got right away was pure joy that it was time to review the Saka masterpiece known as Sin Compromiso No.5.

Pre-Smoke Ritual:

I really waited to smoke this cigar. I looked at it like it was the holy grail. The aroma of the cigar unlit was great. I made my cut and gave it a long slow cold draw. The flavor filled my mouth. A solid toast was to follow before lighting.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

I will save you the trouble of reading a paragraph or two. Everything about this cigar from flavor to construction was great. Lighting was perfect, the draw was perfect, and the burn was paced and even.


The initial draw gave me a sweetness of chocolate powder. There was also a smooth black pepper flavor in the background. I also got very solid and noticeable notes of espresso. Heading into the second third the spicy pepper was still in the picture which is a good thing. I had also picked up flavors of cedar, oak, and hickory. The espresso and chocolate remained as well. The final third kept the same flavors coming with the addition of leather. The espresso flavors seemed to pick up a great deal and the pepper stayed right in the front line as well. One other notable bonus was as you smoked this down tot he nub there was zero harshness or bitterness. The flavors seemed to explode even more as you got closer and closer to the end.

My Preference:

A three week vacation in the humidor took place prior to smoking. The cut was made with a Colibri 1928 v-cutter. The source of fire used was a brass classic Zippo with a duel flame butane insert. I also made certain that humidity was perfect. My HumidiMeter was used and this cigar was at 68% humidity which is perfect.

Final Thoughts:

I know there is an old saying that says, "If it looks to good to be true it probably is." There is also another that simply states, "Don't believe the hype." I stick to these rules most of the time. In the case of the Sin Compromiso both saying were wrong. Is this on the expensive side? A little. Do you get what you pay for? Without question. I would have to recommend putting a small hold on your cigar buying until you can grab a few of these. This is perfection at its finest. Mr. Saka we commend you for the product you have created.

Fun Fact:

Mr. Saka was seen wearing a very specific and custom ring during several Vcast interviews. Several people had inquired about it and he was kind enough to post a photo of it for his fans and the cigar world. The image you see is that beautiful ring he has been wearing with pride. A custom Sin Compromiso ring that clearly he puts miles on on.

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