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Review: San Cristobal Revelation - Leviathan

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

San Cristobal Revelation – Leviathan, distributed by ASHTON Cigar, made by the MY FATHER CIGAR Factory in Estelí Nicaragua, is a cigar I had a slight difficulty in reviewing. The flavors are simple yet complex, with hints of cedar, chocolate, pepper and a spicy finish. They took the Ecuadorian Sumatra used in the ASHTON VSG and wrapped perfectly aged Nicaraguan long filler and binder. This is what brings out the slightly sweet chocolate flavors.


Rating: 85 (I rate it a 92)

Profile: Medium – Full Bodied

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

(Same as the Ashton VSG)

Shape: Toro

Length: 6.5

Gauge: 64

Country: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Pricing: $240.00 per box


Mystic – Corona 5 5/8 x 48

Prophet – Robusto 5 ¼ x 54

Odyssey – Toro 5 ¾ x 60

Legend – Toro 6 ¼ x 52

Leviathan – Toro 6 ½ x 64

First Impression:

Very much like food, we enjoy things with our senses, especially our eyes. This cigar looks

like a piece of smooth milk chocolate, silky and a shine from the natural oils. The band reminds me from when I was growing up in Puerto Rico, filled with an exotic paradise. The aroma of sweet, aged tobacco, subtle hints of growing up in Puerto Rico, filled with an exotic paradise. The aroma of sweet, aged tobacco, subtle hints of chocolate, leather, cedar and spices filled the air.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

I did not toast the foot of the cigar, but I did use a soft flame. I drew as I lit the cigar and got to witness the changes as the tobacco took to the flame. The chocolate turned into coffee, the leather turned to cedar and the spices were noted as pepper. The burn was full and required little touch ups.


This is a cigar to enjoy slowly, relax but pay attention. Don’t over draw and keep that ember as cool as you can while maintaining it lit. As I stated above, you will see changes, and the aroma of the smoke is soft and sweet. The Coffee is the first third, the middle third you’ll note cedar and a woodsy taste, the final third is where it gets spicy! Hints of pepper and spices, this is where I would recommend a spiced rum.

My Preference:

Rest: 6 weeks

Cutter: Large Gauge Guillotine

Lighter: Soft Flame butane

Final Thoughts:

I’m not too sure why it was only rated an 85 back in 2015, but I will say this, it was worth every penny and worth every day of aging. I felt very relaxed and enjoyed this cigar with a cup of coffee. Take the time, try everything – at times price doesn’t always mean “the best”. This is a great stick and worth keeping as a treat!

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