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Review: Platinum Nova Park Avenue

Platinum Nova has a massive presence in the cigar world. I am not sure what took me so long to get around to smoking one of these. I am however happy that my first cigar was the Park Avenue. Read below for a review of this amazing selection.


Brand: Platinum Nova Cigars

Cigar: Park Avenue

Profile: Medium

Wrapper: Ecuador 2000

Filler: Dominican

Binder: Nicaraguan Esteli

Length: 6.25 inches

Gauge: 54

Limited Edition: Yes

Pricing: (Box of 12) - $372.00

(per stick) - $31.00

First Impression:

Platinum Nova cigars jumped on the scene in a big way. No corners cut, no stone unturned. That is the best way to do it. I was eager to try any one of their premium cigars, but this one in particular.

Pre-Smoke Ritual:

I got a great aroma that I could not put my finger one. It was pleasant and balanced. Nothing overpowering. I inspected the cigar and found a very clean wrapper rolled to perfection. I made my cut and prepared to toast.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

I have adopted a very slow and deliberate toasting process as of late. This cigar did very well with that as did most. I did notice that this would be easy to light with any method your speed you choose. The draw was flawless. Loose enough to get a great amount of smoke, but tight enough that you did not feel like you were sucking just air. The burn was even from beginning to end. There were a few spots that got uneven slightly, but they worked themselves out with no touch-up required.


The first third of this cigar really gets right to the point. Strong flavor of coffee and nuts hit you right away. There are notes of dark chocolate and pepper floating around as well. The pepper is definitely noticeable, but not overpowering. As I got into the second third there was a sweetness added to the mix. Coffee and a nutty flavor were still the star of the show. The final third is where this cigar really shined to me. The chocolate flavor had vanished. The coffee flavor was stronger which is great. The nut flavor which seemed mixed was now very distinctive. It was a smooth almond taste. The light pepper and sweetness tied everything together beautifully.

My Preference:

This cigar got a healthy 10 days inside my humidor. I wanted this one to acclimate before smoking it. I made my cut with a Colibri 1928 v-cutter. My source of fire was a Dissim Inverted Lighter (soft flame).

Final Thoughts:

Well I am extremely happy with this cigar. I will definitely be grabbing different ones from Platinum Nova to enjoy. Smoking the first of any brand is very important since it wills et the tone and your attitude towards others form the same company. I am happy to report that Platinum Nova did an excellent job and they have found their selves a repeat smoker for sure.

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