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Review: Par Weber, The Coefficient

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Par Weber History:

In November of 2019, the official press release of the new Par Weber website was let loose into the wild. It was also the first introduction of the new Enduro-Lume next-generation always-on illumination technology for wristwatches, which would make its debut in the Coefficient watch. The first Enduro-Lume timepiece was projected to be released in the summer of 2020.

Enduro-Lume, by structure and definition, surpasses alternatives currently on the market for timepiece lighting. Enduro-Lume is always on, does not fade like other light sources used today, and unlike other "always-on" technologies, it is not radioactive.

Enduro-Lume is an electroluminescent system that uses semiconductor technology most familiar to consumers from LED light bulbs. While button-activated LED lamps have been used in wristwatches for some time, these lamps require manual activation and can only be used for a few seconds at a time to avoid draining the battery. Par Weber's patent-pending Enduro-Lume technology makes it possible to illuminate the watch continuously while achieving incredible battery life. The Enduro-Lume system is calibrated to have the same battery replacement interval as a quartz movement watch which is between 2.5 and 4 years (depending on the battery manufacturer and operating conditions). For individuals who already rely on the extraordinary accuracy and reliability of quartz movements, Enduro-Lume adds no meaningful maintenance.

In tandem with the announcement of Enduro-Lume, its patent-pending always-on illumination technology, Par Weber also introduced the first timepiece to incorporate it: The Coefficient. The Coefficient is durable, functional, and precise. It's designed to serve its primary purpose which is telling the time clearly and accurately. It will also include several clever features that will be appreciated by those who depend on their watch day in and day out. Some of those features include an extra-tall, bidirectional "aperture ring" bezel (so-called for its similarity to the aperture ring on interchangeable camera lenses), high-mounted crown with offset crown guards, and 20mm-wide drilled lugs. The Coefficient is made of PVD-coated steel and is water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters / 330 feet. It has a zero-distortion sapphire glass crystal.


Brand: Par Weber

Model: The Coefficient

Diameter: 43mm

Height: 14mm

Dial: Parallax dial with date feature

Lug-To-Lug Length: 48mm

Lugs: 20mm-wide drilled

Band: Leather Par Weber Branded Band

Green Nato Strap

Weight: Approximately 95 grams

Assembly: Switzerland

Case: PVD-coated 316L stainless steel construction

Crystal: Zero-distortion flat sapphire glass crystal

Illumination System: U.S.-made Enduro-Lume always-on illumination system

Bezel: 120-click bidirectional "aperture ring" bezel

Water Resistance: 100M/330ft water resistance rating

Crown: Heavy-duty gasket with a push-pull crown

Movement: Swiss-made Ronda 715 quartz movement

Pre-Release Impression:

My initial impression pre-release was wow. This is a bold watch that appears to fit well on the wrist. With low drilled lugs and an oversized crown, this should provide comfort and the ability to adjust without removing the watch from your wrist. From the tests that I have seen the watch and its PVD coating are extremely durable. The watch itself is geared to protect itself from everyday struggles. Dirt, dust, rocks, appliances, tables, and any other item that could contact and damage your new timepiece. It is also safe to take out in the cold or take a swim in the ocean in the months of sunshine. Another notable feature that jumped out at me is the sleek, basic, but stylish look of the watch. The white face pops against the black housing and band. With the addition of the Enduro-Lume it is not only functional but a conversation piece. Overall Par Weber has seemed to hit a home run in the pre-stages with production with distribution soon to come.


Quality products sometimes get passed due to poor packaging. Why would you put so much time and effort into a product and showcase it poorly. Par Weber did not make that mistake. A sleek black box with the Par Weber name on it in glossy red is the first layer. Once you open it a black envelope with the Par Weber name in raised is the first thing you will find. Inside of the envelope a note to first edition customers hand signed by the president of the company. You will also find a certificate of authenticity with serial number and wax stamp. This card was very impressive to me. While it was not necessary it was welcomed. You definitely got that feeling that you purchased something special. The remaining cards were full of useful information such as specifications, operation, warranty information, and other facts about the watch. Below the envelope was a carefully cut foam that housed your watch and extras. My watch arrived with date and time set. It was also sporting a Par Weber branded leather strap with quick release pins. In the second slot was a quality green Nato strap. Below the strap was a set of standard watch band pins and a stool for installing the Nato strap. See gallery below.

Breakdown and Review of Specifications and Features:


From the box to included paperwork and extras everything was top notch. No stone unturned with no details missed.


43mm is a solid timepiece size. 48 mm from lug-to-lug gives the watch a solid but not bulky feel. It covers a good portion of the flesh area on or near the wrist depending on where you choose to place it. It just does not have that over sized watch feel but gives you just enough of the over sized watch look.


14mm in height is great. It was designed to fit the overall look and feel of the watch and it was designed well.


The Parallax dial with date feature is flawless. It adds a nice color pop during the day against the black case of the watch. When the sun goes down and you can appreciate the newly designed lume technology. It has an elegant but eye-catching glow with a depth that is readable. The date is also clear and bold at all times.

Dial Markings:

Big and clear. Not difficult to read at a glance. It is doing what it should.

Lug-To-Lug Length:

48mm is a good size to accommodate many different people.


20mm drilled lugs are a standard size. The low drill placement is what shines here. Taking the case diameter and height into consideration low drilling the lugs just seems to make the watch fit. It provides the extra room on and around the wrist to give it almost a wrapping feeling rather than a roughly 95-gram lump of steal sitting directly on the wrist and bones. A very smart but subtle design addition that you would not notice until it was gone.


I was mildly concerned that 95 grams may be a little much depending on the person's size and their arm. For me, it was a very comfortable weight that is distributed extremely well throughout the case build. I did allow a few people of different gender, height, weight, and arm size wear it as well. The smallest person I used for the test (5-foot female weighing 116 pounds) said it did have a little more weight to it than she is used to, but she did say it was more than wearable even at her tiny size. (As a side note her regular watch wear includes multiple Casio Baby-G's and a 30 mm Omega Seamaster)


It was assembled in Switzerland. There is not much more to say on this topic. Switzerland puts out multiple quality timepieces and they will continue to do so for decades to come.

Illumination System:

The U.S.-made Enduro-Lume always-on illumination system has to be a clear winner here. While many watches have a great night time glow to them they do have some downfalls. Tritium tubes are amazing but will fade over time. They have a general 25-year life expectancy. Paints that need to find the sun to charge are also good but do not shine as tritium does. Again, another system that will lose its luster over the years by default. If it is a quick look that you are after the push button 1 to 3 second light system is good. Unfortunately, it does add the extra step to push a button to see with minimal time to get the time. Enduro-Lume has lived up to the hype in my opinion. It is bright, always-on, and easy to see at a moment's notice. The only thing left to be seen is testing the effects on the battery over time. It would be a safe bet to say that it will last to the standard put out by Par Weber if not longer since they hit the nail on the head with everything else regarding their new illumination technology.


PVD-coated 316L stainless steel construction has a sleek look. While during my testing the watch took some hard bumps and bruises. The coating held up as stated before during the pre-sale launch. While I did not cause any damage to mine form what I have seen in my research when the coating comes off there is a cut in the steel of the case. It has to be that much damage to make a mark. A nice battle scar to a robust timepiece that adds some character but does not compromise the operation.


The zero-distortion flat sapphire glass crystal is of the highest quality. All the top luxury watches tend to go with sapphire since it is virtually scratch-resistant.


120-click bidirectional "aperture ring" bezel is extra tall and very meaty. It is easy to grip even with gloves and moves like a charm. The extra height and cut of the steel make this all possible. Again, another very minor adjustment with huge advantages.

Water Resistance:

I for one am not a diver, but enjoy dive watches very much. Water is not an issue for basic swimming or even snorkeling. To be as complete as possible I did let a friend take it for a spin at a local dive spot. His assessment was on par with what I have seen on land. He was very impressed with how easy it was to read from the time he entered the water down to 50 feet where he stayed until resurface. He did say as his eyes adjusted to the dark the watch became even more clear. There were no noticeable issues including condensation under the glass when the temperature changed from in the water to out of the water and vice versa. The 100M/330 feet of water resistance is more than enough for the everyday person, swimmer, and moderate depth diver. If you are looking for something with a deep-sea rating you may want to choose a different option. On a side note, from what I have seen so far form this watch I would not be surprised if it remains fully functioning to its limit and beyond.


The crown is a heavy-duty push-pull style surrounded by a heavy-duty gasket. It keeps all the bad stuff out. It is also high mounted which makes use while the watch is on your wrist a simple operation. The crown guards are also offset to provide the protection you are looking for with the space you need to be useful.


I am a huge fan of the Swiss-made Ronda 715 quartz movement. It has been around for a long time and is time tested. It is easy to maintain or even replace. There is no worry with the guts of your beloved timepiece breaking without an option to bring it back to life. It is also very accurate and extremely low maintenance.


This was an area that I was most concerned with. I am very hard on my timepieces. That isn't because I am trying to damage them, it is because I actually wear them. This watch went through a ton of situations. It went into the lions den per say and came out the other side like a champ. The part that I loved the most was its look after review. I cleaned it off with water and wiped it down. It looked as if I just unboxed it. Every watch is susceptible to being broken including this one. I have to give this a 10 out of 10 in the rugged department. My regular routine is harder than the average persons plus I added a bunch on purpose.

The Test:

I decided for this watch to really take it through the ringer. I decided to wear it everyday for the next several days no matter what activity I was doing including sleep. Below you will see the summary of what I experienced and my thoughts on the watch overall.

For several days straight I wore this watch. Being an EMT this watch was able to see many hours on an ambulance in all weather conditions I came in contact with. Bumps and bruises on a watch is just part of that. It can not be avoided. We do not get to sit one out due to weather so it held up to every condition I could find. It also found itself in a dispatch center were having accurate time and being reliable is very important. That is just the work portion. It went through training sessions in and outside of the gym at least three days a week. The pool and ocean were not an issue. Fishing, hiking, and trail runs were a breeze. It also went diving. Cigar lounges, formal parties, and a casual get together or two were also on the agenda. I could not come up with one single complaint. Visibility and ruggedness shined through and through. It also made for a very cool conversation piece. Its sleek black case with minimal markings raised questions about the watch which I was happy to talk about. This summary along with the breakdown and review of the watch above should make you decision easy if you were on the fence.

My Preference:

This watch is what it is in the case and dial department. I am very picky when it comes to comfort when wearing a watch. This watch was used with four different bands. Below you will find which I used, how I liked them, and which ended up remaining on my wrist after the review.

The first band that I used was the leather Par Weber branded watch band that came on the watch. Not being a huge fan of leather bands this one was one of the most comfortable that I have come in contact with. The leather is not to stiff and molds to the wrist perfectly. It also came with quick release pins for easy installation and removal. The leather is easy to clean and did not show wear and tear even after being taken through the ringer. The second band I tried is the military green Zulu strap that was included with the watch. Installation was simple due to quick release pins on the leather strap and the included pins and installation tool. The Zulu strap also had a very nice fit with a great weave in the material making it very comfortable. Another notable plus was that the buckle lined up in the center of the bottom of the wrist. The final two bands that I tried were both NATO straps. The third band was a black and grey (Bond) Nylon NATO strap made by BluShark. This and silky smooth with good durability. The final band which ended up staying on the watch was a military green NATO strap made by Autlet. This had great thickness with black buckles. It also came with extra pins and tool. I would highly recommend This strap. The most important things is that I was able to try four different bands in three different styles. Two came with the watch direct from Par Weber while the other two were aftermarket. The beautiful thing is they all were great on the watch which tells me that every part down to the pin holes was treated with the upmost attention.

Final Thoughts:

Every time you purchase a new timepiece without physically seeing it (pre-order) you always run a risk. I had a hunch from day 1 that this watch would be something special. I took the plunge and placed my pre-order. Par Weber made every attempt to get this watch into production and shipped even in the middle of a pandemic. They succeeded on every level. This is now my go to watch for everyday use in every situation. I can not say enough for the company and the people behind this amazing new timepiece. It isn't everyday that I put my stamp of approval on a product. This is one of those times that I will. When I purchased this it was not out of necessity. It started with curiosity. This ended up being the most legible, all occasion tool watch I have ever had. I can safely recommend this watch to anyone and can guarantee that it finds itself in the regular rotation of watches or becoming your main watch as it did for me.

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Matt Anacker
Matt Anacker
Jan 06, 2022

Solid review. Was curious about your preferred strap. You mention military green NATO strap made by Autlet. Do you have a link for this product? Not able to find it.

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