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Review: Opus X Lost City

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

If there were to be a cigar that would have a cult like following it would have to be Opus X. That following is well deserved. A limited run cigar with nothing but great things being said about it. Now I know that no cigar is a one stop shop for every palette. I also know a few (very few) that do not enjoy the taste and smoke of the Opus X line. I happen to not be one of them, but they do exist. Tobacco that was grown on the Fuente family’s famous Chateau de la Fuente farm has been aged at least 5 years prior to being used for the cigars. This makes the Fuente Fuente Opus X Lost City one of the most exclusive and extraordinary cigars ever created.


Profile: Full

Wrapper: Dominican

Shape: Robusto

Length: 5 1/4

Gauge: 50

Country: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican

Binder: Dominican

Pricing: (Box of 10) - $288.95

(per stick) - $30.00

First Impression:

Like I said before this is a cult like cigar. My thoughts before they even are arrive are very high with a high expectation. On arrival the first thing that catches you is the band. Opus X is notorious for the beautiful and elegant artwork put into the band. A high end cigar should have a beautiful band. It is the icing on the cake and the Lost City hit this one out of the park.

Pre-Smoke Ritual:

The pre-smoke ritual never changes. I give the cigar a sniff. Now etiquette says not to let your nose touch the cigar, but this one is mine and I am smoking it. I get all the scents in when smelling this one. I make my cut using my proffered method and then the anticipated pre light draw. It was very pleasant and flavorful. SO I gave this one another pre light draw. It is a great indication of what is to come. Expectations climbing.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

I toast the cigar then give it a solid light. Using my preferred cutting method this has a great draw. It is very tight but there is no struggle to fill your mouth with the magnificent smoke the List City produces. Oddly, this cigar was burning a little uneven through the first quarter. Going into the second quarter it evened itself out and stayed that way for the remainder of the smoke session.


The first third of this high end cigar has strong hints of cedar complimented with a subtle woodiness. A solid cloud of full-bodied smoke is obtained with each and every puff. The firm white ash begins and stays for the duration. The remainder of the cigar has flavor of sun tea and honey. The outdoor woodiness gets stronger. The cedar flavor shifts to an oak like taste with notes of pepper and coffee. The last quarter has a floral note to it and molasses. The entire smoke maintains a subtle sweetness which intensifies in the final quarter which is very pleasant and works well with all the flavors you experience.

My Preference:

I prefer to let these rest at least one week in the humidor, but they smoke great on delivery. I have done it both ways without an issues.

My preferred cutting method for this cigar is the Select Draw Cigar Cutter. This cigar is very solid so I use 9 holes int he cap and 12 holes around the cap.


Final Thoughts:

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