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Review: NUB Herf-A-Dor Travel Humidor

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

NUB by Oliva is quickly becoming one of my favorite cigar. It isn't overly expensive and has a wide variety of flavors to satisfy any palette on any day. With that being said they are a smaller size cigar. They don't fit right in my regular Herf-A-Dor due to the size. They rattle around and cut down the size of the box. Welcome to the NUB Her-A-Dor by Oliva. The perfect travle humidor for taking your NUB cigars with you wherever you may go. Excellent foam lining with a built in humidification system that I do not use. More on that later. Cigars stay fesh and ready to go.


Humidor Size: Travel

Capacity: 8 NUB Cigars

Seal: Air Tight

Humidification: Included

TSA Friendly: Yes

Insert: Comfort Foam

Waterproof: Yes

Exterior Measurements: 9 x 5 3/4 x 2 inches

Extras: Unit includes a lanyard cord with a universal clip

Closure: Two heavy duty snap clips

Price For Humidor Only: $22.95

Price For Humidor With 5 Cigars Bundle: $24.95

Initial Thoughts:

My initial thought was I want something stylish. I already own a Herf-A-Dor and expected quality from this one as well. This has the same amount of durability and can take a beating as it travels with me. With my love for NUB cigars I wanted a travel humidor for them specifically since it was available. On arrival I was very impressed. White travel humidor with a beautiful NUB logo on it. As expected, it had a very sturdy feel to it like a Pelican case. After opening it to inspect the inside there is a generous amount of foam that forms nicely to your cigars especially since it made specific for the NUB. The humidifier is there and functional.


I put some very hard miles on this box. It goes with me everywhere. Work, fishing, camping, and everything in between. It constantly gets thrown in my backpack that travels around with me everywhere. It never has an easy day. It is constantly being opened and closed to either smoke or refill on a daily basis. Trust me this never goes below 6 sticks.


I have to say for the beating this thing takes it has held up very well. With more drops, bumps, and bruises than I care to share the outer shell has a few scuff marks. They are a bit more noticeable on this box since it is white, but I dig the battle scars. It has not interrupted operation at all. It has remained airtight and waterproof. After a solid run of daily use I did put my Boveda Butler digital Bluetooth hygrometer/thermometer inside of it. It stayed steady between 69 and 72 depending on the climate I was in. It also shifted a bit between the indoor and outdoor carry but remained in the safe range. I also did my submerge it in water test with cigars inside. I let it stay under the water for one and a half minutes. Once removed and opened no water got to the cigars or foam, but I did see one small wet spot sitting on the seal. This was probably due to me not trying it completely off before opening it. I don't expect it to ever be underwater unless it gets dropped while fishing which would be a rare occasion. In the interest of completion I had to do the test.


While there is a functional humidifier in the lid I do not use it. I have heard that after adding distilled water to keep humidity over time mold can form. I went with my normal travel humidor ritual and added a small Boveda pack inside of it and that does the trick. While I normally just lay it on top of the cigars I have cut away some of the foam at the top and fit the Boveda pack there. Due to placement I did notice that two packs were needed which also was not a problem.

Final Thoughts:

I have to be honest this is my go to humidor when it comes to traveling with my beloved NUB cigars. If you are a NUB fan it is worth every cent of the $22.95 price tag. I was able to get mine as a bundle which included 5 NUB cigars in it for $24.99. It does everything that it is suppose to .... and it does it well.

If your in the market for an everyday carry case specific to the NUB by Oliva cigars this has to be the travel case for you. Besides it being extremely well made and durable it is the only one to specifically fit these sticks.

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