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Review: NUB Fall Harvest

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Another day another NUB. The cigar in question in the Fall Harvest. As soon as I hear pumpkin spice flavored I am interested. As a NUB fan my expectations are always very high, and it would be a disappointment to not like it. Only way to find out is to try.


Profile: Medium

Wrapper: Indonesian

Shape: Short Robusto

Length: 3.7"

Gauge: 54

Country: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Binder: Nicaraguan

Sweet: Yes

Pricing: (Box of 20) - $103.99

(per stick) - $5.20

First Impression:

As soon as they arrived I was ready to try one, but did not. I wanted to give them the care and rest prior to the fun. My initial thought was that the wrapper looked great. Very even with the perfect amount of oil to it. I always have high expectations when it comes to the NUB line and that was true here also. In my mind I hope every one that I try is my favorite.

Pre-Smoke Ritual:

Some things never change. Remove from humidor. Remove form wrapper. Get a strong sniff of the wrapper. Make my cut followed by the pre light draw. Toast then enjoy.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

After a good toast this thing lights up like a champ. The draw was very smooth and crisp. I will have to admit that with the Select Draw Cutter you can add holes if needed to make any cigar draw like a dream. I did not have to add any to this particular cigar though. I had an odd moment after lighting where it began to burn uneven. I think it was due to me lighting a little heavy on one side. With that being said it evened itself out rather quickly. It produced a lot of smoke. Not as much as the Triple Roast, but it was definitely enough sweet smoke to enjoy the area.


Before I dig into the flavor I am a huge fan of pumpkin coffee. I am basic like that. Anyway this thing packs a punch. Not a stiff uppercut, but several hard jabs. You immediately get the pumpkin shining through. It stays even for the first third and is very noticeable. There is also a semi strong earthy undertone that mixes well. It definitely gives you that fresh outdoor feel. As I got into the second third of the cigar the pumpkin became slightly more subtle and the earthy flavor picked up a bit. The pumpkin remained dominant, but the earthy flavor was more noticeable. As I got to the final third of the cigar it seemed that the flavors were not even separate anymore. You could tell that they were both there, but mixed so well they should have just been one. Also, from the first draw to the last you had the enjoyment of the sweet wrapper bringing the entire thing together.

My Preference:

I honestly did not want to rest this at all. I wanted to jump right in. Cooler heads prevailed so it got a solid two week rest in the NUB only humidor. I made my cut with the Select Draw Cigar Cutter. 12 holes in the cap and 9 around the outside of the cap. Got the party started with a healthy toast with my NUB Jetline duel flame butane lighter.

Final Thoughts:

Another NUB and another winner. While I appreciate their regular line of cigars I really love when they have some limited edition releases. Fall Harvest has a great flavor that pairs very good with coffee in my opinion. My box will dwindle away slowly, but that is perfectly okay. If you can grab a box or two it will be well worth your time if you enjoy flavored cigars.

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