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Review: Nightshade by Drew Estate

Another offering from our friends over at Drew Estate. They never disappoint. Nightshade has a different feel to it for some reason. Different from all the other releases with the exception of quality.


Profile: Full

Wrapper: Connecticut Habano

Shape: Robusto 

Length: 5 inches 

Gauge: 50

Country: Nicaragua 

Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaraguan 

Binder: Indonesia

Pricing (Box of 20) - $125.95

(per stick) - $6.30

First Impression:

I am a fan of the darker cigars especially when the look accommodates it. The Maduro wrapper with red and black band give it an almost eerie look. The box obviously matches. I am a huge advocate for Drew Estate so my expectations match that.

Pre-Smoke Ritual:

I enjoyed the aroma of the wrapper and foot. The pleasant but firm aroma matched the dark wrapper. I made my cut and prepared to toast.

Lighting, Draw, and Burn:

It took a few seconds to get this cigar to light up nicely. Once lit it was off to the races. The draw seemed noticeably tight, but comfortable. The burn was on the faster side which I did not expect. It did burn uneven a few times, but worked itself out without a touch-up. I toasted the foot of the cigar, allowing the wrapper to caramelize and tighten.


The first third of this cigar was powerful and filled with just the right flavors. Pepper smacks you in the face right away. A strong flavor of espresso was very present and welcomed. There was some hints of what I could only describe as mixed fruit and some sweetness. The second third of the cigar kept pace well. The espresso and pepper made themselves known. The fruit flavor and sweetness also stayed in place. I did get some hints of chocolate in the background that matched up very good. The final third matched the second third which was a good way to end this cigar. .

My Preference:

Two weeks rest in the humidor. Cut was made with a select draw cigar cutter (16 hole sin the cap and sides of cap). My source of fire was a Room 101 quad torch lighter.

Final Thoughts:

It is a Drew Estate cigar. The odds of it being bad are very slim. This was nowhere near bad. It is dark, strong, and tasty. This is a solid cigar for an everyday smoke or to enjoy by a campfire.

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