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Review: Montecristo Platinum Toro

An absolute classic name in the world of cigars. Already being known around the world for their many high rated cigars it was time to add another to the list. The Platinum series is here and making its mark on the world.

STATS: Brand: Montecristo Cigar: Platinum Profile: Full Wrapper: Mexican Cubano

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, Peruvian Length: 6 inches Gauge: 50

Shape: Toro Country: Dominican Republic Pricing: (Box of 27) - $278.99 (per stick) - $10.33

First Impression: I am a long standing fan of everything Montecristo produces. They are a solid company with more experience than anyone could ask for. When a new cigar comes out it induces excitement right from the start. I will say that the band is a major upgrade and looks amazing.

Pre-Smoke Ritual: One week in the humidor was all this cigar received. They arrived in perfect smoking condition, but I am a fan of letting it acclimate to my humidor. Lighting, Draw, and Burn: This was exactly as I expected based on previous cigars from Montecristo. Lighting was very easy and smooth. The draw was flawless. Not to fast and not to slow, it was just right. The burn was even and at a mild pace. There was no touch-ups required for the duration of the smoke.

Flavor: The first and second thirds of this cigar were identical. This was a good thing. The flavors of hickory wood, Earthy tones, and sweet fruit were amazing. They remained fairly even throughout both thirds. Each puff complimented the one before it with almost identical flavors. There was a nice transition in the final third. The hickory became the star of the show and the sweet fruit kicked itself up a notch. The other flavors remained, but in the far background.

My Preference: One week rest in the humidor was what I decided on. I used a Colibri 1928 v-cutter with a Room 101 quad flame jet lighter.

Final Thoughts: It is a Montecristo cigar. That literally is enough to describe this. Iconic brand, classic cigars, and amazing flavor. Should you smoke one of these? YES!! More importantly make sure you have a supply in your humidor for enjoyment at a later time.

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