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Review: Herf-A-Dor Travel Humidor By Humi-Care

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

While I enjoy the higher end luxury products as much as the next person it just is not realistic for me to always shop at the higher end. When picking a travel humidor I take a lot of things into consideration. First, the durability, then function, and finally Finally maintenance. These are three very important points that have to be addressed during the purchasing process. I am also very protective of my cigars. We taste them, rest them, store them, and maintain a perfect atmosphere in our home humidors to get the optimal smoke. Should't you travel with your cigars the same way?

Welcome to The Herf-a-Dor. This travel humidor is perfect for taking your sticks wherever you go. It has a nice foam lining and a humidifier built in although I do not use that, Cigars stay fresh and it will hold 5 Churchill sized cigars although other sizes will fit.

Here are the facts directly from the ad:

- Travel case

- Holds up to 5 Churchill cigars (7” x 50)

- Humidifier included

- Airtight seal to keep cigars fresh

- TSA friendly

- Comfortable foam to prevent crushing

- Carrying cord and carabineer

- Waterproof

- Sturdy frame (reinforced ABS frame)

-Also available in different capacity and cigar sizes

Initial Thoughts:

My initial thought was I want something with a luxury feels to it. I thought to myself this will travel with me everyday to and from work and get banged around and tossed in my car. I decided to take the chance and place the order. Once I received it I was impressed. It had a sturdy feel to it like a Pelican case. After opening it to inspect the inside there is a generous amount of foam that forms nicely to your cigars. The humidifier is there and functional.


The one I received had hard miles put on it. It constantly gets thrown in my backpack that travels around with me between working EMS and dispatching. It never has an easy day. It is constantly being opened and closed to either smoke or refill on a daily basis.


I have to say for the beating this thing takes it has held up very well. With more drops, bumps, and bruises than I care to share the outer shell has a few scuff marks. It has not interrupted operation at all. It has remained airtight and waterproof. After a few weeks of hard use I did put a Govee digital Bluetooth hygrometer/thermometer inside of it. It stayed steady in the low 70's for humidity with the temperature only moving according to the outside temperature of where I had it. I also submerged it in water with cigars still inside. I held it under for one minutes. There was no water leakage. I don't expect it to ever be underwater besides this test, but in the interest of completion I had to do it.


While there is a functional humidifier in the lid I do not use it. I have heard that after adding distilled water to keep humidity over time mold can form. This is not a good thing. I chose to add a smaller Boveda pack and that has done the trick.

Final Thoughts:

I have to be honest this is my everyday go to travel humidor and it will stay that way for a long time. For a sub $20 case you can't beat it. It does everything that it is suppose to .... and it does it well.

If your in the market for an everyday carry case that can take the abuse of any job I would recommend giving the Herf-A-Dor a try.

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