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Review: Havana Club 7 Year Old Rum

The time has finally come. For me, I always wanted to get a bottle or two of Havana Club. For some reason I never perused it. I decided that this is a must for anyone who enjoys a good Cuban cigar. I was able to get 2 bottles of the 7 year rum and was more than ready to give it a try....even before it arrived.


Type: Cuban Rum

Classification: Rum

Distillery: Havana Club International

Location: Havana, Cuba

Ingredients: Molasses

Coloring: Yes

Style: Plain

Proof: 80 (40%)

Age: 7 years

Price: $28.71

First Impression:

I was very eager to finally get a bottle of this to try. The fact that it took me some time to get it shot my expectations through the roof. I was very hesitant to even open the bottle but did not want to miss the opportunity. I also made sure to have a second bottle to store.


I wanted to dive right into tasting this which I did. After trying it on delivery I decided to store it in my wine cooler. This tasted infinitely better after cooling. I set it to 64 degrees and let it sit a few days to get it

to temperature.


This bottle has style. The labels are very fitting and make this very recognizable. The Cuba label is attached near the foot of the bottle in the center. The neck of the bottle is on the shorter side.

Appearance (Rum):

The rum itself is a very nice golden brown or amber color. This of a very thin maple syrup. It almost has a glow when in the light and is very clear even with the coloring.


This has a very rich aroma and is very pleasant. The scents of roasted nuts with an underlying sweetness fill your nostrils. There was also notes of vanilla, spice, and tobacco. There is also a well fitted bitterness to the smell that ties it all together.

Flavor (Palate):

This was an experience that I enjoyed greatly. Not all rum is created equal and this is the proof. The first sip had an intense sweetness that was there but not overbearing. It quickly dried out and let me taste all the good stuff. There was a perfect balance between flavors. Oak (woodiness), vanilla, tobacco, cream, and a fruity sweetness mixed to perfection. There were also notes of spice hanging around the entire time that really complimented the other flavors. Each sip almost tasted better than the previous. This is a rum that is meant to enjoy in the slowest fashion possible.

Flavor (Finish):

The woodiness (oak) flavor was definitely the winner after drinking. It very pleasant and I wanted it to last forever. The vanilla, tobacco, and cream flavors remained and complimented the oak to perfection. A flawless drink before, during, and after consumption.


I wanted to give this a try with a few different mixtures and not my standard for rum. First, I made sure to have the classic rum and Coke. It almost would not be worth trying unless this happened. I also mixed it with coconut water since I have been told that this is a very solid mix. My last mix was no mix at all. Straight rum on the rocks. I have to say that all three of these options are very very good. While it would be hard to pick a winner I would say that on the rocks was my favorite. I was surprised at how good the coconut water was and knew the Coke would be amazing. All items over ice.

Cigar Pairing:

I am certain that the three pairings I list are no where near and end all be all. I did however go with the three that I liked the most. For the mixture of rum and Coke, the cigar that went the best with this was the El Septimo Double Shot White Diamond. The rum and coconut water went perfectly with Deadwood Tobacco Leather Rose. Finally, the cigar that blew me away was paired with rum on the rocks. The Montecristo No.2 (Cuban) tasted as if they were made together. I will have to explore more pairings to see what else works with this mazing drink.

Final Thoughts:

This is an extremely delightful rum. Everything from the bottle to the finish was top notch. It was very smooth and did not pair poorly with anything that I tried. I am a huge fan of rum in general as it is my go to beverage. I would rate this very high on my list and being honest probably at the very top. I will definitely be making sure to have a few bottles on hand at all times.

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